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Joy, the game changer in the ministry -Apostle Joshua Adeoye


Joy, the game changer in the ministry -Apostle Joshua Adeoye

Ministers of God, church workers and Christians generally have been called upon to continue doing whatever God has called them to do with joy.

Speaking on the topic, “Joy -the game changer in the ministry” to declare open the 3 days PBEC 2021 Conference for ministers and church workers, theme, “God That Lifts Men” that started on Wednesday and held at RCCG Radiant Church, Maryland, Lagos. The Convener and president of Pastors Be-Encouraged Conference (PBEC), Apostle Dr. Joshua Olaoye, taking his text from the book of Galatians 5: 22-23 with support of other scriptural references, said, “If you want to be successful, purposeful, prosperous and healthy in the service and work of God, do it joyfully with all your heart, spirit and soul, even though there are challenges, go into the spirit, let the joy of the Lord filled your heart and occupied your mind. Giving praises and thanksgiving to God for the victory ahead of you. Through this, you will conquer and overcome situations.”

The love of God for us as humans is immeasurable, unquantifiable, too deep and real compared to the lip service and half baked love we proclaimed to Him, he added.


 Adeoye further said, without His love for us, we are nothing and cannot be anything neither is our living guaranteed. Because, His love for us is what gives and brings us life, hope, forgiveness, mercy, goodness, righteousness, salvation, victory and uncountable privilege, opportunity, right we have and the power we possess through His grace.

Admonishing ministers and Christians, in the face of prevailing  situations and daunting circumstances in our present day of living, Dr. Adeoye said, nothing should separate us from the love of God through Christ Jesus, be it tribulation or persecution. Rather, they should be seen as tools drawing us closer to love God more.

“Count it great privilege and unmerited opportunity to be challenged as a yoke with Christ and the covenant promises of God. Therefore, rejoice always in the Lord, smile, be happy, joyful and full of praises in the face of challenges. You are not an accident or a victim of circumstances, you are purposeful and a victor, no challenges should distract or hinder you”, Apostle Adeoye declared.