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Wole Oladiyun Berates FG Over Medical Doctors Welfare


Wole Oladiyun Berates FG Over Medical Doctors Welfare

With the crisis rocking the nation’s health sector, the Federal Government has been called upon against playing politics with doctors’ welfare which has triggered another strike by the medical doctors and mass exodus of many migrating out of the country.

Speaking in Lagos on Wednesday at the weekly deliverance service of the Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry (CLAM), the Senior Pastor of the ministry, Pastor Wole Oladiyun, decried the shoddy treatment meted to doctors by successive Nigerian governments, adding that the nation has obviously misplaced its priorities with the way it treats its medical personnel.

“It is really unfortunate and shameful. A nation such as Nigeria can afford to pay senators humongous salaries and allowances, while doctors, teachers, and other professionals offering critical services must beg and beg before the federal Government does the needful”, he stated, warning the relevant government officials to stop playing God and issuing meaningless threats.

“Dr Ngige, the Minister for Labour is a medical doctor. Dr Olorunnibe Mamora, the Minister of State for health is a medical doctor. Yet, they are playing politics with the welfare of their colleagues using the transient instrument of power which is meant for the general good of the people. It is an anathema,” he lamented.

Pastor Oladiyun called on the Federal Government to immediately put in place enduring welfare measures that will halt or reduce the emigration of medical doctors to Dubai, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, UK, USA, and Canada.

“Why can’t our leaders stop the drift? Why are politicians obsessed with the 2023 election when the nation is bleeding, and people are dying? Politics my foot. It is only selfish and insensitive leaders who will be busy jostling for political positions when thousands of lives are being lost all over the country”, he pointed out.

Oladiyun decried the ease with which the security of the Nigerian Defence Academy was breached, saying it has become obvious that “God is our strong tower in Nigeria”. When all else fails, we must turn to God and be more prayerful, he said, stressing that “we have no power of our own; we have nowhere to go.”

He prayed that God should heal Nigeria, pleading with Him to “miraculously resolve the health sector crisis in the next seven days”.

Pastor Oladiyun prophesied that all the troublers of Nigeria and those feeding on the prevailing crises would be exposed, arrested, and disgraced in Jesus’ name”.

He urged Nigerians to be more prayerful than ever and to operate more in the supernatural because of destructive arrows which are flying all over the world. Quoting from the book of 1 Corinthians 10:12, Pastor Oladiyun urged those who think they are strong to be careful and prayerful to avoid falling.