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HOW A WOMAN CAN HAPPILY GIVE TO HER MAN By Gracious Akintayo … reviving your relationship with supernatural success tips



… reviving your relationship with supernatural success tips 

The issue of giving in a relationship or marriage has generated a lot of misunderstanding and controversies. Majority of women ignorantly believe it is the sole responsibility of a man to give, while they are only to receive without giving. 

Fact is, both couples are in a relationship to give, but in different ways. Oftentimes, they may not realize this and instead of trying to amicably figure it out, they’re will be quarrels, contention and conflicts leading to divisions, misunderstanding and break up of the relationship.

The way a man gives to a woman is different from the way a woman gives to a man. Truth remains, they both give in a relationship. Giving in a relationship is give and give, not give and take as believed. It’s not a contest where the winners take all, but a union that requires a supportive role.

People who say giving in a good relationship is 50/50 are correct, though the systems of giving are different. A man is more wired to get a woman a house, where she will feel secured, safe and sound to exercise right, liberty and freedom of expression with authority. But a woman is more wired to service, care and maintain the house as her own, as a way of giving back to a man to feel welcome and comfortable.

One is a natural provider and protector, while the other is a natural preserver or manager. It takes two to tango.

This does not mean women don’t give material things, or shouldn’t give. But a man who is expecting a woman to send him money at random will definitely lose out on his manhood rights and other ways the woman has been giving him without him knowing. 

In all honesty, women’s role in giving to their man is simple and can be defined in this way;

  1. A woman gives to her man when she listens to him and seeks his advice before taking important decisions.

A man loves to get a surprise gift from a woman, but no man wants a gift from a woman who is disrespectful, dishonouring and defensive all the time.

  1. A woman gives to her man by supporting his goals. 

A man wants to have his woman in his corner as his biggest cheerleader and adviser. There are many competitions outside for him to have to come home and compete with you. Support his dream, defend his goals before who might be looking down on him. As a major stakeholder to his life, talk highly of him even before your own family and friends. Boost his ego instead of running him down. Nothing is greater than you supporting and defending your man in his absence. At the end of which you will be the major beneficiary.

  1. A woman should make herself a safe place for a man to run to whenever he is down, this way, you have given him everything. 

One of the best gifts a woman can give to a man is when he can feel safe and secure around her. When he can show his weakness and be able to open up around her without the fear or feeling of being judged, condemned or tongue lashed.

Crown him, value him, build him and pick him up. There are hidden battles he fights, don’t become another battle he has to win


  1. The greatest gift a man wants from a woman is her prayers. Don’t gossip and nag about him, godlyfy him. Praying for a man is like buying him what you cannot financially afford and in a woman lies the favour for a man’s increase. A woman that cannot pray for or with her man is the man’s enemy. Most of the big achievements of a man’s life will come as a result of a woman’s secret prayers for him. Pray for him with all your heart, the favour spoken of when a man finds a wife will become active in his life in abundance and you rightly become a driving force and a blessing to him.
  2. In area of material giving, a woman can set her heart looking out to surprise and give to her man or step in for him in following areas;

✓Plan and make a budget to fill his car tank once in a while or let him drive you to the car wash and you pay the bill. A man wants to enjoy some baby boy treatment from his woman too.

✓Give him the little money you have instead of being economical to buy him inferior gifts.

✓Show up at his working place and take him for dinner or send a dispatch to deliver a hot meal for lunch at his office.

✓If his wardrobe wasn’t good enough for your taste, it’s an opportunity to invest in his life with friendly advice or get him a few materials as a soft reminder rather than being nagging and quarrelsome.

✓Everyday billings can drive a man crazy. Consider supporting and relieving him on something, covering the bill when he least expects and seeing his reaction. You are doing yourself a great favour of making your home haven.

Happy Couple


There is always a need in a man’s life, just like the woman. If you pay attention and listen to your conversations with him you will understand and pick up some of his concerns, needs, intentions and fears. Lookout for the areas where you can come as help meet indeed without him having to ask or beg for it.