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‘It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter.’ Proverbs 25:2(KJV)                                    

God, the Jehovah Himself is real, He is mighty in all things, and so He is Almighty – Elohim.

The mighty angels are Elohim, and so is Adam in the Garden of Eden. The mighty angels (and the mighty Adam) are not the Almighty God.

God taught Noah how to float a big, massive object on water using tares as coats. Years later, men searched, researched, and discovered what God taught Noah, and so they came out with diverse ships that were huge and intimidating in size.

This all-knowing God took Isaac, the promised son of Abraham, on geophysical analysis of the land of the Philistines, digging one well after another. This exercise continued until Isaac got to Rehoboth – here, Isaac graduated from God’s School of Water Irrigation!

If you think Isaac was only digging wells and became rich by that act, you better go back to the Scripture and read again. Water irrigation made Isaac rich – only Isaac had the technology to let water out of his well to other people’s fields with a cost attached. Years later, men searched, researched, and discovered water irrigation’s importance.

It was my Father in Heaven who looked down on Jacob and had mercy on him after Laban had changed his salary ten times, cheating Jacob continuously. God Almighty taught Jacob the art of Genetics and Breeding.

 At Jacob’s graduation, the sons of Laban complained bitterly that Jacob had taken away their father’s glory. Many years later, men searched, researched, and discovered Genetics & Breeding and its importance in medicine.

Suppose you have ever studied (under a powerful microscope) the helical structures of Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). In that case, you will surely acknowledge and appreciate the wisdom of God in putting you together as a unique being on earth! When the Scripture says you’re fearfully and wonderfully made, maybe it was referring to the DNA of men!

What God had made before the foundation of the world, men are still searching, researching, and discovering the wonders of God in all His creations.

What are you waiting for? Lift your hands, raise your voice, and praise God where you are right now! 

Search, research, and discover your purpose on earth. Don’t lose your purpose for living.

Your glory is sacrosanct.

Pastor Segun Tewogbola is a Bible teacher with revelational knowledge and dimensional prophetic ministry. He is a sought-after conference speaker of note and, currently, the President & Overseer of Kingdom Truth For All Nations, USA, a global ministry dedicated to preparing the bride for the return of Jesus Christ.

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