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10 Pieces of Advice -Gracious Akintayo


10 Pieces of Advice -Gracious Akintayo

1. When respect is no longer there, find your way out. Though, hard to start all over. But do not wait until you lose yourself in the process.
There is hope for you!

2. Do not chase love. Chase your dreams and life goals instead.
Be purposeful!

3. No one has the right to make you feel unimportant and worthless. You are more than enough.
Brace up!

4. If someone really loves you, they will pursue you, close to you, dream with you and be real with you.
Look for a life partner, not a knife partner!

5. Know that with your scars, imperfections and weakness, you are still a wonderful being.
Have confidence in yourself!

6. You don’t need to compare yourself with anyone. You have a different journey to take and different race to run.
Believe in yourself!

7. Your only competition is yourself. Hone your skills and be a better version of you.
You are the best and original of yourself!

8. If it fails, it is not love in the first place. True love bends but it never breaks.
It is about understanding and respect!

9. Working hard is good but you have to prioritize your health. Find time to take care of yourself.
Your health is wealth you need in the hard time!

10. Prioritize yourself. Love yourself. Pursue your purpose. Be prayerful with praise and prophetic word for result.
It is long overdue!