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The TRUTH About FRIENDSHIP in LOVE By Gracious Akintayo (GKA)


By Gracious Akintayo

We must understand that, God created LOVE for friendship, partnership, fellowship and companion. He gave love to help us relax, shape the world and improve on our environment. Without which love becomes nothing but animalistic urge like what the animal experiences.

Love is spiritual and have to be understood first in the spirit realm before it can workout successfully in the physical and if you don’t understand the spiritual aspects of love,it may not work for you.

Without love there is no life. The society and relationship derives its origin and strength from love and it takes an element of love for two people to become friends.

For love to be understood and meaningful, it requires a careful study, meditation and preparation.

The goal of love is knowing what it is and the application. While the foundation of love is the application to ourselves and treating others as we want to be treated.

People who are ignorant of love and its expectation go about hurting and assassinating other people’s character.

For love to bloom it has to be properly founded on certain principles -enduring, selfless, supportive, caring, patient, tolerating, understanding, accommodating, humble, sensitive, respectful and considerate.

Many times, love becomes a pain, regret and ugly because it is professed as a self serving emotion, insensitive and disrespectful to the other person’s feelings and thoughts. Love cannot make you happy on the premised of selfishness.

When love is properly applied, it create an environment of deep friendship, development and selflessness feeling. This makes real love to be happy, healthy and contended. The patience and tolerance to listen to one another will come as a result of confidence you have in someone who is interested in you, supportive and caring.

Love bring out the baby in us and reminds us of our independency on others to make us one.

When true love exists, it takes us back to our early happy years, when the presence of our parents gave us the confidence to do the impossible.

The kernel of love is when both parties determined to place the interest of the other person first.

Without both parties first sacrificing their ego to accommodate the views and opinion of each other, it will be difficult for them to appreciate how to accommodate each others feelings.

The willingness to accommodate each other is what will bring respect to one another, harmonise and balance the differences in the personality of the two parties.

To have sensible and responsible relationship, you must be humble to take each other’s view without feeling been cheated or left behind.

To get the best of love you want, you must be ready to sacrifice and invest into it. Give it your best, devote time for it and be committed to it. NEVER create or give room for third party interference and suggestions, except for godly counsel and prayers for your understanding and knowledge of love is based only on sex and materialism or what you can gain or get; the possibility is that, you will continue to suffer heartbreak, pains and disappointment because only wrong persons with wrong interest will be coming your way.

To appreciate love, first consider how much you understand it and the value you put on it. If your ideals are superficial without values, you are going to be attracted to a partner who lacks value. Because, likes attracts like mind.

Love has life of its own and operate on its own principle of fairness, vision and godliness. Therefore, be guided.

Before falling in love, ask yourself; what do you want from life? Why do you want to fall in love? How do you want to be treated? Who do you think would be best in achieving your dreams? And where do you want to be?

Quality love requires looking inward and not outward. It is what you have inside that last forever, not what we look like or have outside (it can be deceitful). Therefore, be deeply and sincerely ready to sacrifice and invest in love.

Lastly and importantly, allow the Spirit of God to help you make your choice. Most times, what we think is gold is actually packaged and wrapped damaged object. Not all that glitter is gold. Love can make or mar your life, if serious caution, value and guide are not applied.

Above all, you need the grace and guidance of God to choose right.