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The Power of Doing Nothing (2) By Babatunde Olugboji


The Power of Doing Nothing (2) By Babatunde Olugboji

The new series we started last week provides an insight into the question of timing. The Bible says there is a time for everything and a season for every activity. (Ecclesiastes 3:1) In other words, there are times when all you need to do is to be still and see the deliverance of God. In Matthew 13, Jesus gave the parable of the weeds. Planting and harvesting is about seasons. Don’t delay your next season by clinging to the outgoing season; don’t hold on to something that has gone out of fashion with God. Wise people understand timing.

A good comedy is about timing. A joke is good when timed right. Public Speaking is about timing. A great speech delivered at the wrong time will make you an incompetent speaker. Music is about timing. Marriage is about timing. You can be right about what you said but wrong about when you said it. The right information delivered at the wrong time can ruin a marriage. That’s why you should be more concerned about timing than being right. Do you know what time is in your life? Not just the time of the day. You can only be fruitful in your season. A tree planted by streams of water yields its fruit in season (Psalm 1:3) 

The Sower sowed good seed in his field and sent his servants to tend it; the enemy planted weeds or tares while they slept. Tares are a variety of weeds, but unlike most weeds, they look like wheat during their early growing stages, almost indistinguishable from weeds. You’ve got to know when to separate the weeds from the wheat. Master, ‘Do you want us to go and pull up the weeds?’ (Matthew 13: 28b). Notice that the methodology of the enemy exposes his limitation. All the enemy could do was corrupt the seed; he couldn’t destroy it.

Tares, and wheat 

Both the Sower of the good seed and the enemy knew of the integrity of the seed, that it was good, so the enemy took a look and said if I don’t do something, the seed will blossom, the harvest will be bountiful and the value of the kingdom will increase. The logical thing would have been for the enemy to destroy the seed. But he planted weeds among the seeds. The enemy is cunning. Because the enemy is powerless to fight the seed, he can only plant imposters among the good seed.

He couldn’t destroy the wheat; all he could do was corrupt the environment in which the wheat was about to grow. The devil can’t stop you from coming up; he can only make it hard for you. He can’t kill you, he can’t change your destiny, he can’t alter your future, he can’t do anything about what God has for you, what heavens have ordained, he can’t curse what God has blessed. But he can cause damage by corrupting it and causing delays.

You are blessed. You may not see it if you don’t feel like it; you may be going through challenges, but you are blessed. You are blessed in your uprising, in your setting, in the city, and at home. In season, out of season, you remain blessed. You were blessed before you were formed in your mother’s womb. You were blessed before you were baptized and gave your life to Christ. God has chosen you. That is why the devil started working against you before you became fruitful. The devil also knows the importance of seed time and harvest time. So, he works extra hard to pull you down even before you come up.

To be continued…

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