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Some Beautiful Learnt Lessons of Life By Gracious Akintayo


Some Beautiful Learnt Lessons of Life By Gracious Akintayo

Every life God created has differences in life experience, exposure and encounter. However good or bad; positive or negative, it depends on views in its entirety.

Life can be worrisome, problematic, difficult, confusing, tough and hard. But your imagination will determine how life treat you.
Fact is, no creation was promised that life will be smooth, easy and rosey without crisis, circumstances and situations.

From conception to growing in the womb, till delivery and childhood development with becoming a teenager to adolescent growth. Then to the circle of adulthood before moving to elderly position with ageing responsibilities before the last breath, life is full of trouble and tribulations.

The only hope and assurance we have is salvation through Christ Jesus that is not only assuring us of abundant and peaceful life now, also after life with comfort that in this world, we will have tribulations, but He will not forsake us.

Nevertheless, at every stage of life, there are lessons we learn that form our lifestyle, character, desire, principle, outlook and inward attitude.

In my over fifty years of God’s gracious grace and goodness in growing on this earth, there are lessons, I have learnt in hard and difficult way; still learning to profer solution for full restoration and will still learn to positively impact my generation.

The day a man claim to know it all or exempt himself from life lessons; is the day, he died and become a walking corpse awaiting burial.

No matter the situation and circumstances I found myself, I have always see, take and believe life in positive way. Because, the Good News and Book of Life (The Bible) told me; in ALL things, give thanks. ALL that God created are good and, ALL things work together for good.

Finally, Life is too Beautiful and Good than to be tagged ugly, bad, bitter and wicked.

Here are some lessons of life I have learnt and have positively affect me;

1. When you take God for granted, your life and goals will be grounded.

2. Push pass the pains of the past and passionately pursue the purpose of God ahead of you (my P7).

3. When life hits you hard, crawl to God, cry for mercy, seek His healing and fellowship with His word to liberate you.

4. Been born of same parent is not a guarantee to share same destiny or runn same race.

5. The greatest success in life is discovering your purpose and pursuing it with passion for posterity sake -a life without a purpose is a life without a goal.

6. The worst human being is one without a desire, determination and destination. Because, determination determine destiny.

7. Better to follow a homeless man with great dreams than to habit in a mansion with a man without a dream.

8. An hypocrite and mischievous character is a silent murderer without sword. Pretending to be real, but they are fake!

9. Material things are ingredients and essentials of life to cover our nakedness. They are not achievement but possessions to comfort our lives.

10. You can be age mate, school mate and room mate. But, not grace mate.

11. Respect is not humility, it is acknowledgement and reciprocal for one another.

12. The greatest fool is one who think or feel he is better than the other person.

13. Instead of living in regret, be remorseful, forgive yourself and move on to mend your ways.

14. Don’t be copycat of others lifestyle, you will end up living a counterfeit life.

15. A life without principle is a life without direction and a life without direction is a life without value.

16. What makes a man is not how much he has or possess. But how matured to manage, mentor, motivate and monitor others.

17. Fathering is not fatherhood and being a father is not a qualification of father figure.

18. Education is not knowledge, it is valuable asset to understanding and discovery.

19. A life without self discovery is a life without purpose and until you discover your purpose you will continue live a rigmarole life.

20. Ambition is not a vision. It is an application of self desire and interest.

21. The worst mistake in life is making a mistake and remaining in the mistake lamenting and regretting.

22. Until the wrongs are corrected and rightly settled there can be no peace.

23. Whosoever doesn’t accept or realise it’s mistake is not reliable and dependable. Anyone full of excuses, complaint and reasons is a failure.

24. Success is not determined by acquisitions and possessions. But self discovery and impact.

25. You are not a failure until you chose to be one and stop trying. The life you live today is your choice for tomorrow.

26. What you cherished today maybe useless tomorrow and what is most valuable today can be vanity tomorrow, while what is important to you today can become irrelevant tomorrow.

27. The driving force of every man is imaginary of his thought, conviction and confession.

28. No one is permitted to look down on you if you don’t permit it and no one can pull you down, if you don’t stoop too low.

29. Thoughts are powerful, words are heavy, imaginations are arrows and conviction is a fire that burns.

30. Be wise! Don’t stop, don’t be foolish and don’t look back; keep moving, face your front. Be sensitive, alert and listen carefully; opportunity and ideas are around you.

31. Only a fool listened to gossip and slander. Distraction is their partner.

32. Sensitivity is a proof of foresight and foresight is the key to focus.

33. If you don’t define your life, the society and environment will define it for you.

34. Until you recognize your potentials, you will continue to be a comfortable servant with another man’s identity and agenda.

35. A remorseful heart is a sincere, humble and appreciative soul.

36. What you sow, you will reap. Cultivate your land and uproot bad seeds, to avoid reaping thorns and briars.

37. Delay is not denial, it is only a stopover. Where you are today does not determine where you are going tomorrow.

38. Life is good and sweet. But, bad and bitter with your imagination.

39. If you don’t make yourself happy; no one and nothing will make you happy, even God!

40. Don’t live in regret. If you live in regret today, you will not have the strength to live happy tomorrow. Live in reality of life for renewal, to recover and be restored.

41. Don’t live for living sake, live for a purpose. Build relationship, change your perspectives and associate with right people.

42. Until you remove the damages in your wreckage, you will not find the diamond in your structure.

43. You have no apology of living your life. But you are responsible to people and accountable to God.

44. If you are obsessed, you are a candidate of exhaustion, disappointment and discouragement.

45. What you consume conterminate and control your conscience.

46. No situation without solution, no disagreement without agreement and no dispute without resolution. There’s always room for reconciliation and reconciliation is a product of remorse, humility and submission to accept faults and agree to amicable peace without apportioning blames.

47. A life without counsel, rebuke, correction, knowledge and guidance is a life walking in destruction.

48. No dog with four feets walk down on four roads at the same time -humble yourself and be focus.

49. Submission is not oppression, humility is not stupidity and respect is not enslavement, they are key access to life development.

50. Perfect people lives in the
grave yard but contentment is satisfaction for a living.

51. Don’t live in condemnation, but live with correction and admonition.

52. No competition in life, you are the competitor of your life.

53. Procrastination is an agent of setback and failure.

54. The good you wish others comes back to you.

55. Until you learn to be focus, you won’t know how to frustrate your frustrations and until you overcome anxiety, you won’t understand how to overcome fears.