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Nigeria’s Turnaround Will Shock the World – Pastor Adebayo Adeniji


Nigeria’s Turnaround Will Shock the World – Pastor Adebayo Adeniji

The Senior Pastor and church Leader of C & S Movement Church Movement (Seal of Life Chapel), Ayo Ni O, Idimu District, Itoikin Road, Ikorodu, Lagos, Pastor (Prof.) Adebayo Adeniji has declared that, “there shall be showers of blessing in Nigeria and it will shock the whole world. God is going to turn this country 360 degrees for good and those that are hindering the success of this country and the progress of mankind shall be visited by divine power of God”.

Pastor (Prof.) Adebayo Adeniji,
Senior Pastor & Church Leader, Seal of Life Chapel (C & S Movement Church, Idimu District, Ayo Ni O.

Pastor Adeniji made the declaration at the 23rd annual harvest thanksgiving service of the church the theme, “Harvest of Divine Release” and described the anniversary as manifesting God’s faithfulness with the joy of His presence.

Pastor Adeniji welcoming SP. Apostle, Pastor Fola Onafuye & his wife

Speaking on the present situation in Nigeria, Adeniji said, the situation in Nigeria requires abundance of faith and only the just shall live by faith. “Once God releases a prophecy, you can’t key into that release until you walk in faith and for anyone to tap into divine prophetic release, that person must have absolute faith in God to partake in the benevolence of God”.

Anointing of the new Choir Leader, Evang. Percy Igbaifua by the senior pastor


Citing the examples of Peter’s encounter with the man at the beautiful gate and the encounter between Elisha and Elijah, he said, God is in the business of blessing His people; unfortunately the people are not conscious of God’s willingness to set them free and it is through consciousness and faith that we can experience divine prophetic release.  “When we walk by faith and in consciousness of the intent of God for divine prophetic release, then we will experience the manifestation in our lives and for our country.”

Impartation & release of the choir leader into his office

Lamenting the state of the church in Nigeria, Pastor Adeniji said, I would refrain from talking about the general church and limit myself talking about the knowledge of the word of God, my relationship with God and other people of like mind in the course of my Christian journey. Notwithstanding, the present state of the church in Nigeria is worrisome and calls for concern.

The Guest Speaker, Pastor (Dr.) Raphael Taiwo with the host & Snr. Pastor, SOLIC, Pastor Adeniji.

According to Matthew 24, the bible made it clear that a fake prophet will become so visible in the last days that, if care is not taken, the very elect will be so deceived. But, if we are able to get just five faithful that was lacking in Sodom and Gomorrah, in Nigeria, God is willing to help us in this country.

The SOLIC Choir during one of their beautiful ministration

Explaining the position of Seal of Life Chapel (SOLIC), he said, Jesus is the owner of the church, He is building His church and no one can build what the owner of the church has not built. “We are only building the infrastructure and have been devoted in doing the real church, but Christ remains the main builder and God is helping us to build the real church. Humanity can build the infrastructure and the wall, but it is Jesus who builds His church and knows where He is taking it to. Our custom here SOLIC is, where He leads us in the next five years is where we will follow, then we can be sure of divine infrastructure in a manifold manner.”

Pastor Adeniji and wife with other church leaders dancing during the thanksgiving.

Admonishing the Nigerian government, Prof. Adeniji called on people in government and leadership positions to see things from God’s perspective. “Until the people in government and leadership positions of Nigeria begin to see things in a godly perspective. If they fail to see things in God ‘s perspective and continue counting on the ability of man, leaving God behind, they will continue to miss it.”

The guest minister, Pastor Taiwo ministering powerfully at the thanksgiving.

Honestly, I assured the leadership of this country, if they will humble themselves and turn to God, things will work well. “No matter the experience, the knowledge and the economic dexterity of the leadership, if God is not involved, it is going to be an effort in futility.” But, I pray, they would humble themselves and submit to God to take the steering of the leadership, he said.

Pastor Adeniji and Pastor Taiwo watching with admiration as Mr. Sunday (Sunnar) addresses the congregation.

When God was leading the people of Israel, the Israelites were enjoying themselves. But, it was when they demanded the leadership of a man that they had problems. Until we turn the leadership of this country to God, it is then we will have the desired succor”, he concluded.

Pastor Adeniji & wife, Mother-in-Israel Oye Ike Adeniji poses with Women leaders of the church.

The harvest thanksgiving guest speaker, Pastor (Dr.) Rapheal Adegboyega Taiwo, admonished the congregation to remain faithful, steadfast and committed to the service of God to experience and partake of the divine release. “It doesn’t matter who you are and where you are, when you are focused on God, be assured, divine release is your portion”, he declared.

The Senior Pastor, in a group photo with some associate pastor and ministers of the church

Among guests at the thanksgiving service that feature the official ordination of the church choir master, Evang. Percy Igbaifua; are Sp. Apostle, Pastor Fola Onafuye and his wife, Sp. Apostle, Pastor Prince Kayode, Mr. Sunday (MD/CEO. Sunnar Table Water) and many others.