Home Inspirational LET THIS BABY SURVIVE -Rethinking your role: By Oluwafemi Omotosho

LET THIS BABY SURVIVE -Rethinking your role: By Oluwafemi Omotosho



Oftentimes Nigeria is described as the giant of Africa but in practical terms it is yet to fully appropriate that status. Evidence shows Nigeria is blessed as a nation, in terms of weather, natural and human resources, yet there is much manifestation of poverty, dishonesty, insincerity, self-centeredness and disunity that has militated against her development.

Aside taking its readers through brief historical events of the birth of Nigeria, the 10 chapters book, “Let This Baby Survive” also challenged Nigerian citizens to reflect and rethink their role as they look forward to a better country where politics will no longer be a do or die affair, where security of life and properties of citizens will be guaranteed, where welfare of citizens will be center-point of governance by political leaders and where unity will be a collective song irrespective of ethnic and religious differences. It is only then that the spate of communal crisis, criminality and corruption can begin to take a downward trend.

The book is a call up to stop feeding strangers with the milk of the baby. Why should we starve baby Nigeria while baby stranger is growing fatter? Where is our conscience? Where is the fear of God? If we don’t take care of our collective baby, why should others care too?

The book challenged everyone to play a role that gives hope to the baby Nigeria, for posterity will judge if Nigerians keep silent at the moment when the baby needs us most. This is the time to change our narrative and attitude of disloyalty, unpatriotic and unbecoming behaviours towards Nigeria, our fatherland, the book demand.

Also, challenging readers to strive and make meaningful impact in their different chosen field of endeavours. The author wrote, “If we are all committed, dedicated and resolute, we will make the difference the world expected to see as indeed, we are a nation to be emulated”. 

It is alarming, the number of Nigerians in Diaspora doing great in their field of endeavours. While some hoping for better days they can return home, many have lost hope in their fatherland, comparing premium placed on citizens in countries of their sojourn which is close to non-existent in our country despite the slogan, Giant of Africa.

Mere talking does not make a country become a giant or technological advanced, it is clear vision and purposeful leadership. One wonders why there is no political will among our leaders at all level of government set-up to model what they experienced during their holiday abroad. 

The book advised citizens not to be left out in the exercise to rescue Nigeria, in whatever capacity, either in private sector or public service, they are serving or will later serve Nigeria, they should remember, they are writing their history in the sand of time and generations to come will read it.

One of the objectives of this book is to re-kindle lost passion in every citizen to rise up to the task of building a genuine nation and to confront societal vices that has kept our national growth and development lagging behind, thereby making us a subject of ridicule among committee of nations.

The author of the book, “LET THIS BABY SURVIVE –Rethinking your Role”, Oluwafemi Omotosho is a seasoned educationist with Economics and Management background. He is passionate about seeing a better Nigeria and also has aspiration to impact the next generation of leaders. He is a minister of God and currently, the Principal of a top and reputable school. Omotosho is a thinker, strategist and teacher by calling. Has also author, ‘Joseph in the Voyage of Life’ and ‘The Fall of a General: Learning from Samson’s mistake’.