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INSPIRATION: #FactsOfLife #Nuggets #TakeAways By Femi Adepoju



#FactsOfLife  #Nuggets  #TakeAways

By Femi Adepoju

  • LOVE is beyond what we see in movies, meeting needs, sweet text messages. It has become so regular that its true depth has been buried.
  • If the expression of Our Love takes care of the physical, emotional and financial needs of people but leaves out their eternity, we have Not Loved. We have Only Helped.
  • We must audit the motive behind our actions. Is it an expression of Christ’s Love or thoughtful temporary action with no eternal value?
  • Men search for love more than they search for God. What we miss however, is that God Is Love and a yearning for love at its core is a search for God.

Do Have A Fruitful Week Ahead.

Rev. ‘Femi Adepoju, is the General Overseer of Arena Of Thanks

Miracle International Church Of God (MiCOG), Lagos.

…..thanking Yeshua is our worship