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INSPIRATION: #FactsOfLife #Nuggets


INSPIRATION:  #FactsOfLife  #Nuggets


By Femi Adepoju

  • “Develop praying in intimacy, Not in Crisis”.
  • “The Bible is not a reasonable book, it is a Revelation Book. Demonstrate your belief doing the unreasonable”. 
  • “For you to be stable in prosperity, you must be stable in Kingdom Project and if God knows provision will take you away from Him, He Will Deny You of them”.  
  • “God does not call people to preach reasonable things. If you can reason it out, it is no longer a revelation….!”
  • “Whatever He asked you to do, do it… It won’t be logical but act in faith”.

Do have a fruitful week.

Rev. Femi Adepoju is the General Overseer of Arena of Thanks, (Miracle International Church of God (MiCOG)), Lagos. 

…..thanking Yeshua is our worship


The Essentials!

By Gracious Akintayo

  • “Only men of honour and respect are loyal and dedicated”.
  • “A man who keeps his lips tight out of loyalty and friendship earns great respect. But, a man who publicly speaks against those he has closely walked with deserves no respect”.
  • “If you have a sweet outing, don’t destroy your home, because if the outing turns bad, you’ll definitely return to your home”.
  • “If you are full of biase, destroy others. Definitely, you are destroying yourself”.