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English Without Teacher

ENGLISH WITHOUT TEACHER is a product of concerted research into why most Students perform poorly in sentence construction, comprehension and summary. It is a book specifically designed for Nigerian educational system, beginning with the Primary and Junior Secondary Schools. Also useful as success buffet for Senior Secondary School Examinations. It brought into focus creative writing, generating foundational, group essays, vocabulary, sentence construction, illustration and revision exercises on things pupils can perceive, smell, touch, taste, hear, feel, use, wear, assemble, watch, imagine, create, draw, explain and write about.

To achieve the set objective of English Without Teacher, students have been programmed to be drilled through progressive, creative and informative writing; paragraphically and sequentially arranged in concise, lucid and clear sentences.

Students will have the opportunity to view each of the topics treated graphically, as they have been expressed through illustrations.

However, English Without Teacher can be used by those who desire personal improvement in the art of communication, writing and speech making.

The decision to publish a self-teaching, home-study menu and meal for students in secondary school is to cover deficiencies in spoken and written words of students. It is a bed-mate to those studying for greater heights; also a succour to parents, whose search for qualitative education for their children, knows no bound.

The book was first published in year 2000 and aimed to groom students to be the best in the society. Every chapter in the 68 chapter’s book provided illustration and lead students to the journey of imaginative thoughts.

The book author by Dr. Biodun Adeneye-Marcus, a Media and public relations practitioner, author, publisher and theologian is available in all leading Bookshop in Nigeria.