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Election is Not A War, It’s A Choice For A New Leadership – Archbishop Eric Emiaso


Election is Not A War, It’s A Choice For A New Leadership – Archbishop Eric Emiaso 

The prelate archbishop of Gospel Church of Christ Worldwide, Archbishop Eric Emiaso has recommended to the church, a high level of spiritual development and capacity building through training and retraining of church ministers and workers for effective fulfilling of God’s mandate.

Archbishop Eric & Bishop Rita Emiaso, Prelate/Head of Mission, Gospel Church of Christ Worldwide

Archbishop Emiaso made this remark during the annual National Ministers Conference of the church held at the church national headquarters in Lagos. He said, “The conference, different from our church annual general convention, is designed and purposed to train, equip and prepare our ministers and workers, also to bring revival into the body of Christ with the purpose of updating them on other things that will necessitate the effectiveness of their ministerial assignments. “It is therefore our responsibility as a church to enhance the capacity of the workforce for the task ahead.”  

He explained, “If you are doing something and desire an effective result, there will be a need for constant changes and training, to train and retrain the workforce to meet the required change and expected standard of attaining the desired goals. The Lord Jesus Christ laid down this principle by occasional separation of His disciples from the crowd to teach, equip and prepare them with prayers ahead of the next move”.

L-r: Dcns. Oniekoro, Bishop Sam Oniekoro (Dep. Head of Mission, GCC) Rev. Dr. E. B Ajose (Guest Speaker), Archbishop Eric & Bishop Rita Emiaso (Prelate & Head of Mission, GCC)

He further said, everyone that has the spirit of Christ has a ministry to fulfill and if you don’t have a ministry, you are yet to be a member of the body of Christ. We all have a ministry to fulfill in our lifetime and it is mandatory, especially as Christians to fulfill these ministries for the church and the society. The church is a driving force of the society and it is the spillover from the church that spreads to affect the society. If it is well with the church, it will be well with the society.” 

Emiaso gave evangelism as the major ministry and mandate given to every believer and followers of Christ, including the church, the body Christ. And to prove you belong and have the spirit of Christ, you must carry out your ministry and fulfill the mandate. “If we don’t fulfill the mandate and carry out the ministry, communicating the messages to people, how are we going to change them and how would they know about the power of God? This is why the church has to consistently train and retrain her work forces, the forerunner and representatives of the church and the Lord Jesus Christ in championing this course. “The church is not only the every Sunday service, the church service is daily affairs to build and affect the society”, he added.

The inauguration of Gospel College of Theology Governing Board with Archbishop Eric Emiaso as the Chairman, Pastor Benedict Edigin (1st from the right) as the Rector with other Board Members.

“The word of God is God, it is important, relevant and not limited, God is the owner of the word and He rules the world by the word. The word is not only preached on Sunday for Sunday’s people, the word of God is preached for all at every season, time and place. That is why we are commanded to go to every nook and crannies of the world to preach the gospel. The word of God we read, hear, speak and believe is not just an adviser, suggestion or instruction; it carries power birthed through the Spirit of God to revive, heal, deliver and save life.”

Speaking on the coming general election, Archbishop Emiaso stated that, complaining about the country situation is not the best. The issue should be everyone ability to take necessary action through their PVCs. “The change we desire is in our voting, it is therefore important and expedient for every eligible voter to get their PVC and vote according to their conscience. If anyone does not vote, he does not have the right of complaining as such person’s vote does not count, so the person’s complaint does not count”, he said.

Some of the GCC Regional Overseer with other ministers at the conference.

On the type of leadership Nigerians should look forward to, Emiaso said, Nigerians look forward to a leadership with the fear of God, the love of God, the interest of the common man and of the nation. “We need a new nation and new leadership that can affect the change we all desire. A leadership that will have the fear of God, the love of God, welfare of the people as priority and enhance the productivity of our resources for the purpose of viable development of a society where the common man can live and grow as happily. We want leaders that knows the pains of the people and will be able to proffer solutions, not leadership that does not know what they are going to do and eventually add more to common man existing burden”, he said.  

“Election is not war, it’s a choice to elect a new leader. The government and security agencies should ensure peaceful, credible, free and fair elections devoid of creating confusion, crisis, chaos, violence, killings with destruction of lives and properties. “It is enough of shedding human blood unnecessarily for the sake of elections in this country”, Archbishop Emiaso said.