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EDITORIAL: Why Praying Holy Ghost Fire is Wrong


Why Praying Holy Ghost Fire is Wrong

Holy Ghost Fire is a common word among most Christians. They use it indiscriminately as power of word during spiritual warfare and when they are endangered.

The indiscriminate use and ignorant positioning of these two entity as onefold for inurdinate operations and warfare is fast becoming a norm and style of invoking prayer among majority of Christians and church leaders.

Many have been misled, wrongfully taught and made to believe that, when they invoked or shout the “Holy Ghost Fire”, sometimes at as many times during prayers, it will come down like a tongue of fire to consume evil people or it is the fastest way to answering their prayers, not knowing, it is false doctrine, heresies and idolatry.

However, this is not right or Biblical word to be used by Christians. The “Holy Ghost and Fire” are two different things for different purpose.

While the Holy Spirit that now turned to be addressed as Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God, fire is an inanimate object used to heat up or cook a thing. That God decided to use it at His discretion, is not for us to start invoking it recklessly.

Always addressing, calling or using the Holy Spirit as Holy Ghost indiscriminately as a word of warfare, without iotha of respect or honour to His personality is not right!

Christians should exalt, address and honour the mentioning of the personality of the Holy Spirit as the last resort.

The greatest sin without forgiveness mentioned in the Bible, is the sin against the Holy Spirit and Christians who mentioned and calling the Holy Spirit indiscriminately are liable to face the judgment of God.

It is absolutely wrong to considered using the Holy Spirit as a spoken word of weapon to attack the enemy. At the mentioning of the name of Jesus Christ with faith during a warfare is enough for victory.

The Holy Spirit is a personality Jesus promised to send with the primary purpose to teach us all things, not for defence or attack to be used as weapon of warfare.

While God used the Fire at different times as a symbol to illustrate His power on or to people and not necessarily as weapon of warfare to consume or destroy the enemy.

When Jesus gave the prototype prayer, “Our Father, …” He did not ask that we invoke the Holy Ghost fire.

Also, throughout the ministry, writings and teachings of Jesus Christ or the disciples, including the martyrs, there was no where or when they mentioned, write or taught of Holy Ghost fire.

No matter theological explanation or spiritual excuses given in defence of this heresies, it is indiscriminately wrong, religious idolatry and biblical falsehood.

Jesus Christ said, “I gave you power and authority…”; “at the mentioning of My name, every knee must bow and every tongue confess”. Also, He said, “whatsoever you ask in My name, believe, you shall receive it”. Where and how then did we arrive or come to the terms of using or mentioning Holy Ghost fire?