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Why Animals Deserves Fair Treatment From Rituals


Why Animals Deserves Fair Treatment From Rituals

Regardless of whether animals suffer or not, many see killing of animals by burning them alive as part of their culture. This is a poor reflection of the brutal society we lived in  and as humans, the lack of compassion we harbor against animals.

It is disheartening and appalling. Such customs, traditions and lifestyle should not be encouraged in the present day and stage of development, especially in a country like Nigeria where animal welfare laws are not taken seriously.

It is public knowledge that in some states in Nigeria, like in Enugu state, people parade themselves as chiefs to make money from animal killings, burning them alive, and using their blood for sacrifices.

Animals are not furniture that we easily overlook. How disheartening it must be for a dog that is tied up in chains instead of having the freedom to move, stop and sniff. Also, for the birds going mad in their cages, the rabbits in cramped spaces, sheeps and goats burnt alive and roasted. This should never have been the case.

Animals have suffered so much in Nigeria and in the hands of Nigerians. They are kept in deplorable conditions, dragging themselves through their own waste, kept outside without shelter, left to suffer horrible pains from untreated wounds, experiencing unnecessary hunger, and suffering undue maltreatment from rituals – all these while being unable to communicate their pain and agony.

The case for animal safety and healthy environment in Nigeria should be given adequate attention and fair treatment. They also have feelings, emotions and deserve to be respected.

ANONYMOUS, Lagos, Nigeria, 2023.