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CHURCH: The Defining Solution To Nigeria Crisis



The Defining Solution To Nigeria Crisis

The level of wanting killings and the gruesome manner life is being snuffed out of people and wasted like animals with blood being shed like water is highly condemned and barbaric. There are too many unwarranted wastage of lives and shedding of mostly innocent blood in the land. No life is useless, every life is purposeful and has the right to live. 

No sane person, religion, group or ethnics will ever support or encourage unnecessary killing and wastage of human life. The evil doers and the killers must be brought to book to face the law.

It is high time the government and the security agencies, including the entire society rise up and see the need to find out and unveil who are these Unknown Gun Men (UGM) perpetrating evil unchallenged in the land; what is their source and modus operandi. All these nonsensical killings, banditry, kidnapping, rituals  and evils must stop and come to an end in our society and environment. We can’t continue to live this way as if life does not matter.

Many families are left to mourn, homes languish in sorrow, weeping and crying have become daily occurrences in some people’s life and almost every place is tagged uncountable bereaved without consolation.

It is however regrettable that as these Unknown Gun Men (UGM), ritual killers, insurgents, herdsmen, kidnappers and cultists are left to continue unleashing their dare devil activities, terrorising the innocent citizens through incessant attack, raid and other means; and are daily increasing in numbers with their menace spreading and getting momentum. The society instead made it look as if religious, political, ethical and tribal issues, while neglecting the fact that these occurrences are a bad impression and precedent with negative effect to divert genuine exemplary lifestyle for the future generation.

The greatest fear is godlessness, lawlessness, fearlessness and wickedness with carnage that are being entrenched in the structure as foundation and are becoming another norm for lifestyle in our society.

Homes are broken, relationships are destroyed, communities are deserted, institutions are desecrated, the environment polluted and the entire atmosphere is already in the dark without leadership direction and guidance.

This is the time, the church which has the divine mandate, power and authority with all the right, to pull off their doctrinal and denominational ego, come out of their beautified and technicalized auditoriums, cathedrals and domes; pull down the four walls of their Church buildings with the leaders laying down their titles, position and classifications, and come together in oneness and unity of the spirit to take their rightful place of responsibility to occupy, lead, guide and govern the affairs of the nation.

This period in time should be a humble season for the church to jettison every egocentric competition of building auditoriums, purchasing of private jets and crowd pulling reveling among them; and begin to build people, invest in the society and make disciples of souls.

The great commission have been characterised with compromised, contaminated, commercialized and contradicted creation of confusion and misinformation of the gospel by the church and her leadership who also manipulate and monopolize the people from being a shepherd to making themselves idols of worship.

Rather than becoming an opposition or attacking dog every now and then, let the church do the needful, apart from praying. The church as a responsible and godly leadership should rise up from slumber and complacency, gather unto the Lord in readiness to sacrifice their structures. The leaders should willingly drop their personal comfort and position to strengthen one another in absolute unity of the spirit. In doing with the grace of God, there shall be genuine and verified transformation, turnaround and restoration of peace, love, security and discipline in land and nation.

Geographically, prophetically and physically, Nigeria is a covenant and richly blessed great nation among the nations of the world. And for this to manifest and be established, the church and her leadership needs to understand and come to the term that, no promise and prophecy of God come to pass without the devil’s manipulation, contention or strong opposition to derail and frustrate from coming manifestation.

All things are lawful, but not all are expedient. The church and the leaders should sincerely for the sake of the future and unborn generation, lay aside every weight, pull down walls of imaginations and sacrifice to spiritually reposition, redirect and restore the glory of this great nation in her order.

As people of covenant, power and authority, the church has the solution to mirages plaguing this nation and the church is the only solution, if the leadership would agree and resolve to work and walk in one accord to exercise their divine mandate and grace for the glory and honour of God upon this nation.

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