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Christian Leaders Did Not Do Enough During Lockdown of Churches and Worship Centres in Lagos -Samson Olabisi


Christian Leaders Did Not Do Enough During Lockdown of Churches and Worship Centres in Lagos -Samson Olabisi


Pastor Samson Oluwaremilekun Olabisi JP is the pastor in charge of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC), Abule-Egba, DCC. Also, the chairman Christian Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria Lagos State and Vice chairman CPFN/PFN Lagos state. In this interview with PROVIDENCE, he spoke on some fundamental issues affecting Christendom in Nigeria and proffers solutions.

What does title mean to you or CAC?  We are not title addicted in CAC, we used pastor for every minister, from the top to the last, and we chose to be simple and Christlike without titles. Titles bring differences, discrimination and distraction. In CAC, we understand that titles only promotes and positioned people, not the spirit of God in them or their relationship with God. That is why, there are many bishop and archbishop in Lagos who are without a church or congregation.

What is your assessment of Christianity today?
Christianity remains the same Christlike we know and it is still original. Though, there are some polluted Christians and church leaders in Christendom. It is not new or strange, because, Christ has said it ahead that they will come. If you have many children, you are bound to have vagabonds and bastards among them. In the church today, among many Christian and church leaders are people like Judas Iscariot, Ananias and Sapphira. An adage says, when a house is peaceful, it is because the bastard therein is yet to grow. That is what is happening in Christianity today and it should not be a surprise. In every organization, especially in the church, when the population becomes twelve, expect a Judas Iscariot, much more, when it is hundred or thousand members, expect not only Judas Iscariot, but Ananias and Sapphira, Sambalat and Tobias and others.

What is your opinion on continuous lock up of churches?
It is ungodly, satanic in nature and motive. Go to places like market, bus stop, etc and see how social distancing are not been implemented. Does that mean, other places, including work place are more organized than the church or doing business is more important than worshipping God the creator? it is a bad situation we found ourselves, using Covid -19 pandemic as an excuse to lock up worship centres. The church was programmed to run one hour service in a week and no more influenced by the Spirit, but by government agencies and circumstances. While the market place were given three days in a week and 8 – 10 hours each day to operate. We claimed to be fighting pandemic and closed the door to worship God and think, that is good enough? We forgot what happened in Egypt and to Egyptian rulers when they prevent the children of Israel from going to worship God.
It is unfortunate, most of the Christian leaders we have in Lagos are disappointment to Christianity and people, they disappointed God and their calling. Their leadership attitudes and body language are irritating. They became a pawn in the hand of government and could not defend the faith. Where is the spirit of Elijah, Daniel, the three Hebrew children, the Esther and the martyrs? What is their leadership sacrifice with all the tittle, fame and big cross? Yet, the courage of taking firm decision on behalf of Christians is not there. Where are Prophet Jeremiah and Isaiah’s of this generation? Who will speak to people in authority without fear? The gospel is polluted with profanity. Our leaders are jelly; they have become classical and materialistic. Personality, position and possessions have made them to forget the purpose of God’s prosperity, instead of standing in the face of attack on the gospel; they were protecting their own patronage. They have gone to the market square and mixed up to eat fried plantain and cannot speak the truth anymore (won ti je dodo, won o le so ododo mo). Most of them are government contractors, fund beneficiaries and business agent.

What lesson should Christians learn after Covid -19 experience?
The Bible have told us, when the end shall come, we, not only Christians, but with others, will experience many things, including, pestilence, virus, plague and disease to get us prepared and not caught unaware of the coming of Christ. Christians should learn to be more prepared and focus on the kingdom, so that the second coming of Christ will not catch us unaware. What we are experiencing all over the world now are symptoms of things to come and when the anti-Christ will come. This is the time to come nearer to God than ever.

What should be the expectation of the church after the experience?
Revival should be the expectation after the experience. There should be great revival with manifestation of God’s power. Revival to harvest souls, empower those already in Christ to be steadfast, careful and to possess the land.

Do you think the church is prepared enough to congregate?
The church is fully prepared and much ready to implement all preventive measure. The people are eager and waiting to congregate and fellowship.

What is your advice to the government on recovery to damages and setbacks of the pandemic?
Nigerians are enterprising and hard working people. If the government can be sincere and genuine to create enabling environment and secured atmosphere, within 6 months after Covid -19, our economy will bounce back and we will recover. If all that came in as foreign aid, grants and donations are judiciously used, with prayers, sincerity and good implementation; they will be enough to revamp our economy and Nigeria will be better for it.