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Babatunde Olugboji Lessons from the Lazarus Narrative (Part 3) By Babatunde Olugboji


Babatunde Olugboji Lessons from the Lazarus Narrative (Part 3) By Babatunde Olugboji 

As we continue our series of lessons from the miracle of the resurrection of Lazarus in John 11, you will notice that God’s timing may not exactly match yours. 

In this narrative, Mary and Martha, the sisters of Lazarus, asked Jesus to come and heal Lazarus from his sickness. Jesus purposefully delayed his coming, and by the time he arrived at Bethany, Lazarus was dead and stinking.

The Bible says when Jesus heard that he was sick, he stayed an extra 2 days where he was. (John 11:6) Imagine if this happened today? If a church member asked the Pastor for help, the expectation would be that if the Pastor for some reason isn’t unable to visit the church member in an emergency, he would send his assistant in his place. Jesus didn’t even do that. Perhaps Jesus could’ve sent one of His disciples, maybe someone in His inner circle. Like James, John, or Peter. Or maybe Nathaniel. Or even Thomas! 

Martha must have been thinking, we know you could be busy Pastor Jesus, but You could’ve spoken the Word like you did for the centurion.  We would’ve understood if you faced a situation similar to when Jairus’s daughter was sick. Then you were going to Jairus’s house, but you were delayed because the woman with the issue of blood touched you without your consent. Even then, you arrived at Jairus’s home on the same day. What’s going on Jesus? Two more days?

Panic doesn’t move God. Prayer does and Jesus is not concerned about your timing; He won’t join your panic party. Note that speed and timing are 2 different things: Timing is more important in things of the spirit. There is time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven. (Ecclesiastes 3:1) When you call the emergency services, timing is absolutely important. You want the police to come quickly, you want the ambulance to arrive quickly, you want the fire brigade quickly. But in things of the spirit, the big question should be, do it at your own time, Lord.

Jesus was aware of the Lazarus situation but He plainly told them, “Lazarus is dead. And I am glad for your sake that I was not there, that you may believe. Eventually, Jesus made it to Bethany.  So, when Jesus came, he found that he had already been in the tomb for days. (John 11:14-19)

Jesus didn’t even make it to the funeral, He didn’t deliver the graveside sermon or lead them in sharing the Grace. Pastor Jesus to appear 4 days later. Jesus knew that if He had come quickly they could put Him in the category of doctors, because doctors come quickly. “I don’t want you to see me as a doctor. I am more than a doctor,” He must have chuckled to Himself. If He had shown up shortly after Lazarus died, they could claim Lazarus fainted, and that Jesus merely revived him. First responders can resuscitate someone who fainted, but only Jesus could resurrect someone who had been dead for four days. 

That’s why He is the resurrection, and the life.  He is not a resuscitator, but the resurrection.  

To be continued.  

Have a great week.

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