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Before you get firm with the meaning of this title, you’ll need to read and understand the allegory in Isaiah 5:1-4.

There was nothing Adam and his partner, Eve, would need that was not already provided for in the garden at the East of Eden.

In the same light, there is nothing essential we would need as Children of God that our Father has not provided for us in life. But most times, we turn our priorities upside down and major in minor things in life, then end up not satisfied and unfulfilled in life – this is shameless.

Covetousness brings an unsatisfactory attitude, and this ends you with an ungrateful lifestyle. Friends, when you stop counting your neighbor’s blessing, but start counting your own blessing, you will understand you are truly blessed.

Taking a closer look at Christianity today, especially among our Christian leaders and then to the followers, as Christians or believers we go about believing anything they are told by some smart religious hoodlums and kidnappers.

There is nothing God has not granted you to make your leadership light and easy as Christian leaders, but you are not content with all the blessing He has blessed you, rather you’re still longing and craving to fulfill your lustful desire. Now to your fruitless heart, it’s like God has not done anything for you untill you complete your esoteric project of new doom you called Dome.

You have all manners of Bible versions and translations, it is even available on your phones to easily read anywhere, but your own phone is used to browse pornography, watch morally corrupt films and listen to gist and gossip on social media. It is like God has not done anything to your fruitless heart to enhance your Christian life.

Despite that your local church has all the equipment and a good technical team, your fruitless heart is not getting the best from all these until you switch off all the lights in God’s house and the place becomes like a Disco Hall. How does the electric bulbs (you switched off) affect your sermon and prayer, that you have to put everyone in the dark?

Nimrod wanted to build a tower whose top reaches the heaven while in rebellion, you pastors with that fruitless heart choose a celebrity lifestyle to attend functions and night crawling like the sinners. Many pastors make people poorer and these people don’t know what to do with the excess offerings and tithes in their custody, so they chose the celebrity lifestyle to become socially famous.

After you succeeded gathering people in the name of God, your fruitless heart is no more interested in preaching salvation, repentance and healing, you now start attacking the Bible. Hmmm!

If you closely examine verse 4 of Isaiah chapter 5 you will see my point of giving this title – they are not producing fruit that God could enjoy, like the aroma of Noah’s offering to God immediately after the flood. Also these people are misleading the youth and  threatening the next generation with their FRUITLESS HEART.

“What more could have been done for my vineyard that I have not done for it? When I looked for good grapes, why did it yield only bad.” – Isaiah 5:4

I am all ears waiting for answers to what more God should do to win more souls with godly characters into His Kingdom, why is that the more churches we have, the more crime and evil atrocities increases (even among church leaders)?

Preparing the Bride.

Pastor Segun Tewogbola is a Bible teacher with the gift of revelational knowledge and dimensional prophetic ministry. He is a sought after conference speaker of note and currently, the President & Overseer of Kingdom Truth For All Nations, USA, a global ministry dedicated to prepare the bride for the return of Jesus Christ.

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