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Ambition is Not a Vision -Gracious Akintayo


Ambition is Not Vision

By Gracious Akintayo


There is remarkable difference between our interest and our calling. Success in life lies in locating God’s vision for our life and it is our duty to discover our vision, and then run it purposefully with drive. We don’t create or designed vision, we discover it.

Until you are inside your real purpose for living, you cannot find fulfillment in any other thing you do.

Vision and dream constitute a spiritual language through God releases insight into His plan to and for individual and a vision is impotent without action, just like as faith without work is dead.

Understand that, our strongest ambition cannot be compared to our vision. What we want to be is our ambition but what we were designed to be by God is our vision. Therefore, our highest ambition in life cannot be measured with where God’s vision will take us to in life.

Life is by appointment, not by happening chance and until you locate your assignment, you don’t know who you are. You will become a competitor, copycat, envious, complainant and purposeless.

Vision is life. If you must leave inheritance that will outlive you for your next coming generation, you must discover and walk in your God given vision. Jobs are available for everybody, but you are not designed to do just any job, if you don’t want to die as a labourer but as a pathfinder with legacy and a worker, whose work was taking over and continues.  

Let us get our priority and assignment right –once and for all. Ensure we live in our vision for purposeful and fulfilling life; and not in our ambition without purpose and fulfillment.

General belief and saying; “the greatest success in life is discovering yourself in God and purpose on earth, and begins to walk in it to actualize your vision”.

May, the Lord give us clear beginning, understanding, direction, unction grace, and a safe landing in our journey of life, in Jesus name.