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5 Things That Slow A Man’s Progress -Gracious Akintayo


5 Things That Slow A Man’s Progress -Gracious Akintayo

Have you thought of obstacles that hinder your progress? If not, read this:

This article deal with facts that slows or delayed a man progress in life. Many of us went into some act and do things we dont know the adverse effect on our lives.

There are things we need to do and avoid to have a better life and a better tomorrow.

Following behaviours brings delay to someone life:

1. Setting Your Gaze too high.

This is an act most of us do and never think of its effect. Planning something bigger than ourself that might take a very long time to achieve and possibly slow our progress, because we want to start big at once. In life you dont just jump and land at your future. You plan it from the low stage.

2 Something You cant let go off.

Something you can’t let go, it might be wrong thoughts, addiction or sin, they are also hinderances and acts that bring you down slowly and ruined you entirely. Avoid them!

3. Viewing your mistake as failure

When you consider your mistake as a failure, it will bring you down and not give you the courage to determined again. Don’t see your mistakes as failure, instead it should stir you to strive harder.

4. Giving up before the result

Some have what they planned for and give up before the outcome because it seems it’s taken a lot of time and energy! So they give up, instead, we should be determine and wait for the result.

5. Procastination

When you say you will do something and you never do it? Promising and postponing it till another time. This is procrastination the killer of dream. It is a dangerous habit and slows progress and advancement in life. When you have a plan to do something, take steps to do it and don’t procastinate.