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10 Basics Questions Couples Should Ask Themselves


As important as discovering one’s life purpose and building good career and life status, it is also important to use same proportional degree to find a companion and partner. You need to ask serious questions and get sincere answer. You need to discuss, understand, plan, mutually agreed and pray.

Marriage is not a joke; it is found and keep, pick and stick; NOT find and abuse, used and dump or asunder and plunder. It must be worked on physically, spiritually and mentally to succeed. It is a life bonded institution that requires holistic assessment; adjustments and developments to strengthened it and make it strong not to fall apart. There is need for a lot of reading, studying and learning. You have to patiently sacrifice, pray and pay the price to build a happy home and create the pathway of life.

Desiring a nice, good looking, smart and spiritual person as a marriage mate is not enough, but understanding each other compatibility of spirit and life purpose is also important, else you will be an opposition and destruction to one another’s destiny.

Don’t just jump in, so you won’t jump out with scar or wound. A broken relationship, no matter how long, is better than unhappy and broken marriage.

MARRIAGE is not how long, but how well; to be enjoyed with happiness and not to be endured with regret. Not about the good house to live, but happy home to have.

These 10 basic questions, if sincerely answered will guide couples to discover and understand themselves;

  1. What is your personal life plan and goals?
  2. What is your plan for me?
  3. What is marriage to you and describe your dream marriage/home?
  4. What do you intend to achieve in marriage?
  5. How do you want to see and take me in your life?
  6. What will be your guiding factors and principle for a successful marriage?
  7. What quality(ies) do you expect in me, that I don’t possess?
  8. What easily put you off and put you on?
  9. What are you hobbies?
  10. What things you don’t or would not like about me and what do you like or would like about me?