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Women Need Help and Mentorship -Wunmi Shitta


Women Need Help and Mentorship -Wunmi Shittu

At the first meeting, she radiates aura of friendship and humility with proven of passion for godly woman and development of God’s kingdom. Notwithstanding her successful career as a chartered accountant, her concerns is to see the purpose of God fulfilled in the life of people. In this encounter with PROVIDENCE, Pastor Wunmi Shitta spoke on her life, marriage, ministry and career.

Briefly introduce yourself:
I am Wunmi Shittu, a practicing chartered accountant and the resident pastor of Kingdom Power Ministry, International, Manchester, United Kingdom. I am married to Evangelist Gbenga Shittu and we are blessed with four children. By virtue of my husband calling, he travelled all over the world preaching the gospel.

How do you combine your career and profession with the role of a mother, wife and pastor?
It is not easy, even with those that are not wearing many caps as me, it’s not easy. But, it is something that needs to be done, I also believe in excellence and possibility, so I put myself into it by the grace of God.

Describe your Christian life?
I was born into a Christian home, I gave my life to Christ, fully aware of what born-again is at the age of 8, I grew up in Foursquare Gospel Church and my pastor then was Dr. Wilson Badejo who was also a close friend of my family.

How was growing up?
I went to secondary school and University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) where I was part of the campus fellowship executive member. I met my husband in the university. I know I am going to serve God, but I don’t know in what capacity.

How long have you been in the ministry?
We have been running the ministry for over 26 years, but we don’t know we are going to have a church today. The church started five and half years ago.
When I married my husband, we worship at Redeemed Christian Church of God and was married into the church. At the same parish I became a worker, later a minister and then ordained deaconess.
The family continued to worship at The Redeemed and we are working parallel when he went for outreach outside and on Sunday I’m in the church doing God’s work.

How will you describe your ministry?
My husband has been a kingdom minded person and he is kingdom oriented. The ministry was not easy, especially when my husband is having field evangelism and me been an ordained minister in the church with assignment given to me to perform on Sundays. It was like that for many years and at times I have to take permission from the church to be with my husband in the field.
Since I knew my husband is a ministry man, I left RCCG. Though I grew up in Foursquare Gospel church which also is my family church, so, I know going to church is for you and not for your parent sake.
In that case everybody, including my children were able to work in their own capacity as a worker in the church, because, I want my children to have what I have; having a pastor, pastoring them and for them to have good foundation. I told my husband, it’s not that I don’t want to join your ministry, but I want my children to be in Sunday school, I want them to wake up in the morning and say they are part of a department, I want them to tell me pastor said, my leader said this. I want them to be in a department because I know the importance of that foundation which I benefit from and I want them to have that foundation too.

Tell us about your annual conference:
The conference started about the same time the church started and it is all about godly women.
One of the things I realized, having resides in UK, for about five years I did not come home, and as a mother in the ministry, I discovered our women are having difficulties and needs encouragement, enlightenment and empowerment. With the calls I received, I discovered I need to be on ground, at least once in a year to bring women together and be with them in an atmosphere of encouragement.
Since the conference started six years ago, Nigerian women have been looking forward to it. Every month of March in a year we hold the conference here Nigeria and hold it in UK every October.

Expatiate on the conference goal?
The context is called pattern. I personally have passion for godly women and I love them. When you are good, everything about you is good. When we start calling ourselves godly, we invite God nature into our lives, walk like God, talk like God and do things liked God. Every year we have a theme picked from the bible, study their character and qualities for impact.

What is the greatest threat to godjly women in our society?
The society is consuming you and me. All we need to do is to enlightened the people in our world and they should as well go and light their world. Women who participate at the conference came from every part of Nigeria and our guest speakers are seasoned, tested and invited as the spirit led.
All you need to do is light the fire and there will be transformation taking place in our homes, society and around us.

How is the church affecting the society?
Most of us that had the first foundation, the preachers who have the substance are not there and those who had the word are not delivering it, what do you expect to? That is what is affecting the church today, you hardly find believers who are word addicted, teachable, disciple and mentored these days, everyone seems on the fast-track, not ready to follow the process of developing relationship with God and grow in knowledge of His word. But they want to be in the front leading.

What is your advises to women having challenges in their marriage?
It is by learning. It is either they have somebody to teach them or they don’t have anybody to teach them or they are not ready to learn. Like Esther had “Mordecai” to mentor her, but most women don’t have any one to mentor them and that vacuum became problem in their latter life. Every woman today, needs a genuine and God fearing mentor in their lives. I appeal to every woman in our society to have a “Mordecai” in their life to mentor them.

How do you identify a mentor?
Mentorship is of various level. There are set of people when u see them, they are unique and have something in them that you did not have and submit to their leadership just the way Esther obeyed Mordecai and in the palace she had Hagar as her mentor, whom she also obeyed.

What should be the role of the church in the society?
It depends. All the church need do today is to go back to the bible basic and preach the foundational truth and undiluted Word of God. Not majorly on prosperity and breakthrough without total salvation and repentance. The church should talk the complete truth of the Bible.

What is your advice to women whose husband is in the ministry?
The husband is the one that is called into the ministry. Our role as wife is to help and it has to flow in our system that we are called to support our husband. And every other thing goes along helping our husband.

Tell us about your family?
Am the first daughter of seven, and my father is a great mentor to me. A man of God, and when growing up in the morning when you heard the the sound of a bell and you did not come out for morning devotion, you have yourself to blame for whatever happens.