Home News Metro Whose Writer Are You As A Christian? -By Gracious Akintayo

Whose Writer Are You As A Christian? -By Gracious Akintayo


Whose Writer Are You As A Christian –By Gracious Akintayo 


What is the purpose of writing an article or posting of messages that does not form the basis of inspiring, influencing and impacting readers, but full of infectious hatred, inciting and insensitivity of others with bad taste.

It will be always good to weigh the impulse of our writings, before considering posting and publishing them publicly. articles will generate to our  reader Rather than posting and publishing toxic content that will pollute the atmosphere and sensibility of wider readers, writings should generate interest, intelligence and intention.

Oftentimes, readers are able to decipher between writing prowess and writing derogatory.

That everyone can write does not necessarily mean is a good writer or means, all writings are good for reading and consumption. Some are good for reference and others for the thrash.

Self expression and personal opinion should not be termed as public opinion and personal analysis on issues should not be imposed as collective opinion. There should be enough room to honour and respect others’ opinions.

If your writing is not edifying, educating and entertaining to enlightened readers and respect their reasoning, your writings become politically, socially, economically and religiously inept. 

Let us write with a sense of reasoning and sensibility in the consciousness of readers’ reaction, environment situation and not in appraisal of self justification and glorification.

Social criticism, public condemnation, personality crucifixion and raising controversial issues does not portray good writing or sense of reasoning neither make any sense or be appreciated if it does not respect others contention, correction and contribution.

Severely, most writers inadvertently insult other people’s sensibility and intelligence. Also questioning their right of knowledge. Writing to impugn others is not the best way of expression. It is offensive, insulting and blackmailing. 

Many writings are ego trips and figments of the writer’s imagination to feel important and show how less important others are and it is always egregious error for such a writer and their writings to lack direction, institution and instruction.

There are more hypocritical christian writers than objective christian writers. While some are sentimental, others are egocentric of creating false impressions and scenarios.

No one has a monopoly on knowledge and understanding. Everyone has their unique temerity strategy to deploy the methodology and machinery that suit their strategy of writing. Writers with better strategy will only be observing and watching toxic, decaying and infectious writers dancing naked in the market square with their polluted articles.

No matter what, we can’t all sleep facing the same direction. We can’t have and be of the same religious understanding, political ideology, ethical belief and cultural sentiment.

That someone believes in a course, others can be addicted to a style and some fanatical about a system with many as pretenders, still this does not in any way mean to think, reason and speak alike. We have our differences, understandings and reasonings of things. Let us stop being a lone better voice, this height of delusion. 

There’s no point in hypothesizing about our political or religious views since we have diverse decisions and expectations.

When a writing style is full of personal vendetta, venom, provocative outburst, hatred and share of incitement and uncouth manner against the society, the church, instituted authority and personality, the writer becomes a terrorist, oppression and threat. Showing that the writer imperatively needs to be ignored and ostracized.

Instead of writing, posting and publishing toxic to malign, assassinate and denigrate people, personality and institution just because they have different beliefs and practices from you, our writings should be decent and decorum with sense of value, humor, reasoning and sensible to attract the curiosity of  readers and respect their opinion, believe and institutional practice.

Mostly as christians and writers, let us consider what the Bible says concerning our hearts, expressions and writings. As a man thinks, so he is. Automatically, we are expressions of what fills our heart and who we are by what we write. This we are warned, we are going to give account of all our works, including our writings.

This is the best time and period of our society, family, church and the nation that demand for every gifted christian writer to deploy their writing synergies to edify, encourage, enlighten, enhance, entertain, emancipate and evangelize. Instead of a campaign of calumny, cancerous complaints, vicious castigation and carbonated contentions.

Gracious Akintayo practices Christian journalism, writer, media consultant and evangelist.

Editor/Publisher, Providence News