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Who is Igboho? -By Gracious Akintayo


Who is Igboho?  -By Gracious Akintayo

Is there no any knowledgeable elder in the family of Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, to tell him he has stepped on bigger toes, misfired and cross his bound. 

Who is Sunday Igboho that Pastor Adeboye will require his sympathy over the death of his son, Pastor Dare Adeboye? And, by the way who appointed him the spokesman of Yoruba nation or that qualified him to speak for the Yorubas or who made him an agitator for Yoruba Nation and what is his understanding of agitation?

It is unfortunate that social media created Sunday Igboho, an uncouth hooligans with thuggery lifestyle to become popular and now seeing himself an important personality.

I would rather not blamed him, because the society encouraged, celebrate and appreciate hooligans, touting, thuggery and miscreants than being responsible and hard working in the society. If the likes of Femi Fani-Kayode would not have stoop so low with all the claims of knowledge, to laud, praise sing and glorify Igboho as their newly crowned god father to become his follower and spokesman, who is Igboho to speak rabbishly without recourse to dignity.

One clear thing is, knowledge deficiency is an incurable cancer and no matter how you tried polishing a stark illiterate or an unschooled person, that he will still not important and misbehave to exhibit his original trait and character.

Sunday Igboho believes and depends so much in his charms and dead gods he worship to misbehave and talked carelessly and irresponsibly to callibers God has raised far higher than him in life.

What has Christianity got to do with his agitation or how can he qualifies church pastors with his idiotic fellow babalawo’s, rabble-rousers and praiser singers.

What progress are the clerics obstructing that made him to become mannerless to haul insults on a highly respected man of God and spiritual father of Nigeria nation in his time of grieve and mourning, when the world is mourning with him, his family and the church. He choses to mock the death of his late son, when he himself is nothing but a working corpse and living dead person.

What has the pulpit or the church has to do with street urchin than to preach repentance and salvation to his lost soul. Did Sunday Igboho think he matters in the affairs of Nigeria, much more his so-called Yoruba nation? Who are his followers and listeners or supporters to inaudinate ambition?

Why should Adeboye mentioning Yoruba issue at any point in time at this present level of his God rated global position, personality and pastoral work? Is it Yoruba that created, called, commissioned and ordained Adeboye into the ministry? Is Adeboye serving the god of Yoruba nation or working for the purpose and convenant of Yoruba nation or is Adeboye’s followers, listeners and lovers around the world are mainly Yoruba stock? Is God who called him and he is serving is of only Yoruba nation? That he and other responsible leading cleric should begin to speak for the Yoruba Nation, that is created out of figment imagination, selfish ambition and ethnical bigotry.

The likes of FFK (undoubtedly a clown) who claimed to know the Bible and now errands boy to Sunday Igboho should tell him that, the curse less cannot not be cursed and by so doing, he has not only afflicted himself, but his generation with self afflicted curse. 

Adeboye is not like the traditional rulers he openly lambasted with his uncouth character and go scot free, he will pay dearly for this and reap the seed he has sown with his own mouth and Idolatry heart. Except he not only openly apologized, but repent and turn a new leaf. Because, he will face the wrought of God and God will judge him, destroy his wives and children according to his own words for mocking God’s servant.

With Sunday Igboho using of obscene language, disrespecting and cursing of leaders. Did he think he has the capacity or character or shows his prowess and qualification to be a leader the Yorubas needed?

Whoever know or close to Sunday Igboho and if himself get to read this, it should be cleared to him that, no amount of agitation, succession plan and campaign by any group or person’s, no matter who they are, Nigeria will never break. 

He and his traducers are noise makers without vision and purpose but driven by protracted frustration to cause confusion and distractions for people with genuine intention, vision and focus for Nigeria project.


Gracious Akintayo is a journalist and Editor of Providence Magazine. He can be reached at graciouskintayo@gmail.com