Home Features WHEN SINNERS ARE CONFUSED! By Segun Tewogbola




Every harlot was once a virgin, and so every saint was once a sinner. 

It is only important to follow up the life of a sinner who truly repent and have it in mind to genuinely follow Jesus Christ, the Way. It was for this same reason that Paul rebuked Peter in the Bible. 

Somebody criticized one of my articles – The Doctrine Of Balaam, saying, I was judging the men of God (when I never mention any name) and should face my own business. If the hypocritical attitude of Peter at that very time would not affect the gentiles in any way, Paul would mind his own business.

And this brings me again to the question, why did you buy the Bible and carry it about, if you can not handle it’s truth? And why do you come to God when you continue living in disobedience and rebellion?

While the Holy Spirit convinced sinners of their sins, and sinners voluntarily came to Jesus, the lifestyle of some servants of God compulsorily sent sinners back to the world! This is how:

  1. Money:  When a man of God makes money his priority in his preaching and teaching. The sinners have it all before coming to Jesus, and here is a preacher directly or indirectly telling the baby convert that money matters – then the sinner is confused, because deep in his broken heart, he thought it is Jesus that matters – the reason why he came in the first instance!
  2. Social Gathering: The atmosphere of your church does not say anything about Holiness. The sinners can not sincerely differentiate your church building from a nightclub where he or she was coming from – then the sinner is confused! He knows the rhythm of all the worldly songs your choirs are converting to gospel songs – this only brings back to life his old sinful pleasure, the nostalgia of his lusts.
  3. Testimony: To make the matter worse, when the Servant of God shares his testimony along the sermon, he focuses on himself and Edge God Out (EGO) until the faith of the sinners rest upon the philosophy of man and not upon the power of God that can save – then the sinner is confused! Confused, because the sinner thought the pastor would point Jesus to him.
  4. Sex: Sexual sins are so rampant in the Church these days than in the world! Sensual dressings that are so revealing, and slangs that are of the Babylonian tongue are now well – seated in the congregation – with this dragon in the flesh biting the church members with its venom, the sinner is confused – his soul has not found the refuge it’s looking for.
  5. Milk of the Word: Sadly, after many years of feeding on milk of the Word, the sinner now looks at his life, and he finds out that nothing has changed since he joined the church! The sinner is now seriously confused and he is desperately considering and thinking of changing church or going back to the world!

Who is at fault here, is it the Holy Spirit Who converted the sinner? Or is the sinner that refused to change genuinely? Or is the Servant of God that preaches to please his members, pampering them with bread and butter gospel?


Rev. Segun Tewogbola is the General Overseer of, Christ The Truth Ministries (CTTM), Ibadan, Oyo State.