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When God calls your name twice (2) By Babatunde Olugboji


When God calls your name twice (2) By Babatunde Olugboji

We will continue our miniseries on the practice of people being called twice by God.

God always has a good reason for doing things a certain way. Here, it was primarily for emphasis, but also signaling a change in the direction of the life of those called twice. This week, we’ll examine the occasions God twice called Martha and Peter.

Martha, Martha

  • In Luke 10: 38–42, Jesus twice called Martha, to recenter her on what should be priority: spending time with Jesus. Martha got upset with Mary because she was sitting at Jesus’ feet listening to Him instead of helping her fix food for the people. Jesus called Martha’s name twice to give her an elevation that Mary had in ministering to Him.

Jesus visited His friends Martha and Mary, and the sisters had opposite responses. Mary sat at Jesus’ feet, listening to His teaching. Martha, on the other hand, focused on the tasks at hand (probably preparing food and lodging for the travelers). She was upset that Mary left all the prep work on her, so she asked Jesus to have Mary help her. Jesus told Martha that she was worried about so many things – and that Mary had taken advantage of the opportunity to learn from Him (Luke 10: 38–42).

There are great lessons to be learned from both Martha and Mary: One busy – One blessed. One worked – One worshipped. One fretful – One faithful. One cumbered – One calm. Cumber is an interesting word that means to hamper or hinder from priorities; obstruct or overwhelm; distractor divert from priorities with demanding demeaning duties; to be over-occupied and overwhelmed with unimportant, unnecessary, and unneeded tasks. 

The emphasis was not upon “serving,” but upon “much” serving (overdoing it). Martha’s focus was on unnecessities that hindered her from being with Jesus. Do not allow tasks or things to take you away from precious priority time with the Lord or even your family. Martha was frustrated – Mary was freshened. Are you a Martha or a Mary? 

Learn from Martha: Don’t be cumbered and frustrated with many unprofitable tasks that quickly fade.

Learn from Mary: learn the chosen time near the Lord is needful and will remain. The best things in life are not things but people. So don’t love things (as Martha) – love people (as Mary). Be as Mary; choose that which shall not be taken away. Invest in lives and live for people – the returns will be great. Remember, loving moments create lasting memories. Don’t love things, but love people.

Simon, Simon

  • in Luke 22: 31–32, Jesus called Simon’s name twice because of the elevation he was getting, and to avoid temptation. Jesus wanted him to know that Satan desired to have him, but He had prayed for him. What a great elevation he was given to stand against the wiles of the Devil.

Jesus has had His last supper with the 12 apostles, and the hour of His betrayal was drawing near. But the apostles began bickering about which one of them was the greatest. Jesus told them that they would judge the 12 tribes of Israel in the kingdom to come, but they would also pass through trials with Him. Then He singled out Simon Peter. And in Acts of Apostles, we saw how Peter became one of the leaders of the Apostolic movement.

Have a great week.

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