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When God Calls Your Name Twice (1) By Babatunde Olugboji


When God Calls Your Name Twice (1) By Babatunde Olugboji

God called plenty of people in the Bible, but only a few people He called by name twice in a row. When God calls your name twice, there is an elevation for you, He is preparing to take you to higher heights. Throughout the Bible this happened to only a few men and women of God. 

Abraham! Abraham!

God gave Abraham one final test of faith: sacrifice the promised child, Isaac. Abraham is ready to obey, and just before he killed his son, the angel of the Lord interrupts. “Abraham! Abraham!” Abraham passed the test, proving that he feared God. The Lord provided a ram in the thicket as a substitute sacrifice for Isaac (Genesis 22: 11-13). Abraham proved to God that he was willing to obey Him even in taking his son’s life. Before he could cut him with the knife God called his name twice — Abraham, Abraham.

Jacob, Jacob!

In Genesis 46:2, God called Jacob’s name twice. He was being promoted to being a great nation according to Genesis 46: 3. He was just a man with 12 children and now was being elevated to a great nation consisting of 12 tribes. Jacob just found out that his son Joseph wasn’t dead -in fact, he had been promoted to second in command in the Egyptian empire. Jacob was old, and wanted to see Joseph before he died, so he prepared for the journey to Egypt. Then he had a vision. “Jacob, Jacob.” The Lord told Jacob not to be afraid. He would see his beloved Joseph, and his descendants would become a great nation in the foreign land. (Genesis 46: 1-4) 

Moses, Moses!

Moses had killed an Egyptian and fled from Pharaoh’s punishment. Now he was living as a shepherd for his father-in-law, out in the wilderness. One day, Moses saw a mysterious sight: a bush is on fire, yet not burning up. Then a voice called out from the flames: “Moses, Moses!” It is the God of Moses’ ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. And the Lord wanted Moses to bring the nation of Israel out of slavery. (Exodus 3: 1-10)

In Exodus 3:4, God called the name of Moses twice because of the elevation he was being called into. In Exodus 3:10, God instructed him to go to Pharaoh to deliver God’s people out of bondage in Egypt. He was promoted from keeping the flock of Jethro to becoming the deliverer of the children of Israel, and so God called his name twice.

Samuel! Samuel!

In 1 Samuel 3: 1-10, in a period when the voice of God was scarce, a boy asleep in the tabernacle heard a voice calling him in the middle of the night. Young Samuel assumed that Eli the priest was calling him, but soon learned that the voice was from someone even greater. “Samuel! Samuel!” Finally, he responded, as Eli asked him to say “Lord thy servant hears.” God called Samuel twice because of the elevation he was being called into. He was to become God’s voice to his people. No wonder God told him they were rejecting me, not you, when they would not follow Samuel’s instruction. After this night, Samuel became the mouthpiece of God to a nation, a judge and a priest and anointer of kings. (1 Samuel 3: 1-10)

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