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We Are Created For Dominion In Life – Ben Eragbai


We Are Created For Dominion In Life – Ben Eragbai

What Nigeria needs today is not just an intellectual or popular educated or famous person from a particular tribe or section of the country. 

Rev. Ben Eragbai, the General Overseer of Divine Appointment Ministry Int’l made this statement in a release to our correspondent on the Mega Grace International Convention 2021 of the church theme, “Dominion On Every Side” starting from Monday 11 October till Sunday 17 October, 2021. 

Eragbai said, the leadership Nigeria needs now is one that God has prepared and equipped to be aggressive, visionary, purpose driven and welfarist with the fear of God. Leadership that will understand the Dominion power of God, connect it to and bring out the best befitting the living standard of people in every area of their lives and suit the plan and purpose of God for the country.

“Someone that will have the interest of the people above self, ethnicity, religious and political differences; who will consider the future and lead in a pattern to affect lives and impact Nigerian society”, he emphasized. 

Anything less will be putting the same peg in a round hole and “until we as Nigerians, with intervention of God desire, decide and determine the kind of leadership we want, we will continue to have political sycophant as leaders and rulers in position of authority”, he stated. 

We need a new Nigeria where people will exercise dominion and freely have the right, freedom, security, assurance, hope and optimism to life and living without any form of threat, victimisation, oppression, kidnapping and unnecessary killing, he declared. 

Guest speakers expected at the convention are Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Rev. Felix Omobude, Archbishop John Osa-Oni, Apstl. Lawrence Achudume and Rev. Andy Airhunde from Spain. The Praise Machine and Divine Voice Mass Choir will minister in songs.