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Ways To Amplify God’s Mercy – Pastor I. S James


Ways To Amplify God’s Mercy – Pastor I. S James

The founding pastor and General Overseer of Glory Christian Ministries, Ijeshatedo, Lagos, Pastor Iruofagha has said, Mercy only comes when someone has received Jesus Christ  into their life, because Jesus Christ is mercy.

Pastor James was speaking to his congregation on the topic, “How to Attract and Amplify Mercy”. Taking his text from the book of Romans 9:15-16, James said, “as Christians, as we mature, the evidence of mercy has to be amplified in our lives also.”

Explaining ways to amplify God’s mercy, he stated; fear, love and obeying God speedily as first keys to amplify God’s mercy. Using Abraham speed response to God’s instructions and Saul’s disobeying God’s instructions as a result of his rejection by God as examples, he admonished, “do not force yourself to get mercy, it doesn’t come that way. Let no man pressure you to do something against God and never follow the multitude to do wrong”.

Quoting the scriptures to buttress his points, James further advised giving thanks for God’s mercy. Because, “appreciation produces increase”.

Speaking further, he encouraged christians to always ask for divine and human mercy. “Mercy is not something only sinners cry for. Mercy is a cry that should come more from the lips of the righteous than even from sinners. Make a practice of asking for mercy”, he said.

Pastor James enjoined believers to love mercy so much till it becomes their theme of songs, “Express your love for mercy. Love it so much till it becomes the theme of your songs. When you love it, you will love to share it with others”, he said.

While encouraging development and unshakeable love with passion for Zion (which is a synonym of the modern day Church, where the presence of God is). James declared, “We are Zion, we must love one another, invest in Zion and take pleasure in serving God’s people.”

“There is a time God has ordained to show His mercy to a person or situation. Also, there is a provision that enables a man to create the time that brings forth God’s mercy. We can change night time to day time through divine revelation, illumination and love for Zion”, he added.