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Universal Principles of Marriage By Gracious Akintayo


Universal Principles of Marriage By Gracious Akintayo

Except every woman adhered to universal principles of marriage (courage, endurance and perseverance) and strictly structured it into their lifestyle. They will always think divorce or separation is the only solution to marital situations.

No ritual, sacrifice and prayers can be offered to put a stop at divorce trend and no one can put a stop to getting married.

No matter the prayer offered or strategy’s put in place, a woman might still get frustrated and disappointed to leave the marriage.

No one wishes or prays for any marriage break up. Everyone wishes, prayers and desires for marriages to last long, but when some unbearable and unforeseen circumstances arise, it can lead to marriage break up, and no one whose marriage break up is ever happy. It’s always a mark of lifetime wound.

Couples might be making efforts and trying to make their marriage work but may not succeed, if they are working in different directions and understandings. There has to be mutual understanding, respect for one another and unity of purpose to harmonize their efforts and work it out successfully.

No tradition, culture and religion supported divorce. Rather, they encourage couples to be more courageous, persevere and endure whatever the situation, look for a solution to remain in the marriage and try to make it work.

But, if every effort is not yielding fruits with the hope for solution and the marriage becoming unbearable with the couple’s constant irreconcilable differences, then they can make a decision of their choice. Even at that, there’s always a room for reconciliation, if proper counsel is sought from the right quarter.

All the same, no one or society supports, encourages and wishes broken marriage. Unless, it is decided and agreed by the couple on their own to be broken.

Understand that; no situation that has no solution, no problem without possibility and nothing works, if you don’t make it work. Also, nothing is impossible, if you choose to make it possible. Therefore, no marriage is designed to be broken, if you don’t decide to break it.

When you are married, no best marriage from the beginning anywhere, it requires a lot of process and efforts to make it work. Especially the woman will have to undertake challenges to build, sustain and secure her home. Simply put, marriage is hard work and you have to work hard to get the best of your desire out. If you are lazy to work it out, but chose to complain, lament and bitter about your marriage, the tendency to regret and get frustrated, leading to break up will knock at you.

The most important aspect of any marriage, apart from prayers and the adopted universal principles, is proclamation of genuine or agape love. Couples need to understand and respect each other to make their marriage work. Because, every beautiful structure with a good foundation is the work of workers who chose to work on their structure and still not stop working to make it last.

No matter the strategies adopted, without these basic principles (courage, perseverance, endurance, respect, understanding and prayers), marriages are bound to experience constant disputes, disagreements, misunderstandings, irreconcilable differences and unstable storms.