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Understanding True Worship – Apstl. Chioma Okeagu


Understanding True Worship – Apstl. Chioma Okeagu

The Senior Pastor of Ebenezer Embassy and Ministry Worldwide, Surulere, Apostle (Mrs.) Chioma Okeagu has called upon Christians to make worship an integral part of their lifestyle of fellowship with God rather than other religious activities.

She made the call during the church Holy Ghost Worship service held at the church auditorium in Surulere, Lagos.

Rabbi & Apostle (Mrs.) Okeagu in worship mood

“When you are a believer and your worship is borne out of light and truth, the host of heaven will rise up for you”, she charged.

Quoting from the scriptures to buttress her points, Apostle Okeagu highlighted some of what to expect when worship forms part of a believer’s life. “People run from mountain to mountain seeking God when God is searching for true worshippers on the mountain. God seeks those who worship Him, not prayer warriors”, she declared.

There are people in the crowd, seeking and pursuing after God and there are people, worshippers, God is pursuing and seeking in the same crowd. “God constantly seeks after true worshippers”.

Wherever you are speaking as a Christian and people could not feel the presence of God in you, then there’s a need for you to go back to God in worship to draw from His presence.

“No matter the level of conspiracy and ganging up against a believer, when you are a true worshiper of God, the glory of the Lord covers you and He will always show forth for you”, she declared. 

Citing Job experience, she admonished, “Worship attracts the mercy of God and cleansing from any sickness. No matter the situation, circumstances and calamity that come against you, worship God. True worshippers do not lack help”.

Apostle Okeagu encouraged Christians to always approach the Lord our God with a heart of worship and God will surely appear.