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Two Things To Avoid To Have A Successful Marriage –Paul Enenche


Two Things To Avoid To Have A Successful Marriage –Paul Enenche

The Senior Pastor of Dunamis Church of God, Pastor Paul Enenche has revealed two things to avoid having a successful marriage.

According to Pastor Enenche, “When you are about to get married, you are about to step into a future and a future is about to be set. The things you do in the premarital period matters for the future of the home you are about to build. If your marriage is built on righteousness, it has a future because the house of the righteous shall stand.”

We have a lot of marital challenges in our generation today, quarrels, domestic violence, beatings and all manner of things because we have come to the point where marriage just happens like people buy clothes. No rules, regulations or principles. But if the marriage must be established and have a future, it must be established on righteousness, he added.

He further gave two major things to avoid to have a successful marriage;

  1. Premarital Sex:

Premarital sex must be avoided at all cost. It is Biblical,  says, “Marriage is honorable, the bed must not be defiled” (Hebrew13:4). When people are standing on immorality before they marry, once they get married, they won’t trust each other. They will be suspecting one another, the values of the marriage reduces. There is value in novelty.

  1. Lies:

Avoid lies and insecurity. There are some people, the only thing that is true about them is that nothing is true. Don’t hate a person enough to deceive them into something like marriage on the foundation of lies, it is not good. You are impotent and telling a lady you want to marry her, with what? Your prayer shouldn’t be about a wife but of restoration of potency. You have a child out of wedlock and you lied about it. Lies are a bad foundation for marriage, I have seen many people walk out of their marriage when they realize they are deceived.”