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THE PRECIOUS MAN By Dr. (Mrs.) Chioma Dauji


THE PRECIOUS MAN By Dr. (Mrs.) Chioma Dauji 

In the content of creation, male and female are equal in the sight of God and have precious seeds planted in them. However, the manifestation of this seed through our characters and behaviours determines if we are precious or not.

When something is precious, it has great value and quality, and it is to be adored, honoured, cherished, respected and revered.

To be qualified as being precious, you must:

  1. Be filled with praises in your mouth, regardless where and how you find yourself.
  2. You must be ready to protect and preserve those things you consider precious from being damaged or destroyed.
  3. You must show great value on those things you consider precious.

Jesus, being precious, laid His life for us. He did a great work for us on the cross and gave us the strength and grace to succeed.

He was a perfect example of precious seed, humbled Himself to death on the cross, showing that being precious is in the character, not in the physical looks.

What we own, wear or our position does not make us precious because our character speaks. What your character produces tells more about you and how precious you are. Abraham is a perfect example of a man with a precious tag through his faithfulness, transparency, honesty and great value to God.

To be precious, we must emulate Jesus Christ.

Jesus is precious because of the faith we received from Him. He is precious because of His grace. He is precious because of His word and He is precious because of the way He deals with us.

We must be humble, faithful, loyal, compassionate, loving and committed to taking care of others, not just ourselves and our immediate families.

Bishop Dr. (Mrs) Chioma Grace Dauji is the Presiding Bishop, Amazing Grace Pentecostal Church (AGPC), 

The Solution Ground,

1, Bakare Avenue, Palmgrove, Lagos.

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