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The Lying Spirit Of Primate Ayodele Elijah


The Lying Spirit Of Primate Ayodele Elijah

By Captain Jauro Musa Liya (Rtd)

When a so called “prophet” makes many prophecies that failed to come true, they simply become lies. When lies become a regular part of an individual, then such an individual is described as being possessed with lying spirit.

Many so called powerful men of God fall in to this category. Of concern here is Primate Ayodele Elijah Babatunde of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church who is well known and notorious for his many evil prophecies that never saw the light of the day.

Yet, he is undeterred and unrelenting in churning them out. His prohecies have become stale and repugnant and only get the attention of gullible Nigerians.

While many are yet to recover from his shocking prophecy about earthquake, landslide and earth tremor that will befall Nigeria in 2020, he went on to wickedly and shamelessly prophecy Nigeria’s break up in 2020. When that didn’t get the desired attention, he now took on one of the most dedicated, selfless and patriotic Nigerian – the Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General Tukur Yusufu Buratai.

His prophetic glasses however, did not see further than a Major General as he erroneously referred to Lt Gen Tukur Yusufu Buratai as a “Major General”, before slamming him a sordid prophetic blow of death by assasination or plane crash.

This is not surprising knowing that the Chief of Army Staff’s job exposes him to dangers of traveling by air, the possibility of assassination attempt or enemies’ bullets as he is in most cases in the trenches with his troops so he chose for him either of the two in no specific term. The game plan is to as usual attract Newspaper headlines, so that the “client” gets to hear such prophecy and likely consult the “prophet” for a possible solution, that will naturally bring his target to his nest before he feeds fat on their resources, –  which is an elementary psychology that only makes him clever by half.

This unwanted prophecy should have been ignored like many of his lies in the name of prophecy, but Nigeria is a huge market for fake prophets, and they use the cover of religion to “sting” without any reproach. The targets of his liars are usually highly placed people occupying privileged positions. One wonders why such “prophecies” that make newspaper headlines don’t tell how an ordinary man on the street will die.

The Bible says “by their fruits we shall know them”. The life of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusufu Buratai and that of Primate Ayodele comes from God, how, where and when to return to their creator cannot be escaped at the appointed time. What is baffling is the deliberate avoidance by the so called “man of God” of telling how and when his own death will come.

I understand that the “prophet’s” means of livelihood is tied to “spiritual lying” to get attention of his target audience.

General Buratai, no doubt has an important assignment in life and needs all the prayers, support and good wishes of Nigerians.

What is more important in the end is that we will all answer before the Almighty God when we give account of how we spent our life here on earth which I will advise the primate to consider in all his real or phantom prophetic calculations.

Source: News Now