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Joy is medicinal. Joy builds your immunity against diseases. A joyful man/woman has a better chance of healing than a joyless man/woman. Medical science provides proof that joy, cheerfulness and a positive attitude helps the body to fight all kinds diseases and sicknesses. 

“A joyful heart is good medicine, But a broken spirit dries up the bones.”

(Proverbs 17:22)

A joyful heart is an incredible asset. Another version says ‘A cheerful heart.’ That is a heart that is full of ‘cheers’. Let’s look at how the dictionary defined the word ‘cheer.’


  1. a shout of encouragement, approval, congratulation, etc.: The cheers of the fans filled the stadium.
  2. a set or traditional form of shout used by spectators to encourage or show enthusiasm for an athletic team, contestant, etc., as rah!rah! rah!
  3. something that gives joy or gladness; encouragement; comfort:words of cheer.

There’s a beneficial factor in the restoration of health to the sick. An old country doctor used to tell how he healed a woman of a large cyst by telling her a funny story: at which she laughed so heartily that the fluid broke loose and passed away.

Every cell in the body reacts favorably to cheerfulness. Joy empowers the body to defeat gems and diseases that attempt to weaken it.

‘A broken spirit dries up the bones.”

A joyless person has no defense against sickness. Lack of joy saps the soul, weakens the mind and wastes the body. Refuse to tolerate joylessness. 


One of the proofs of joy is laughter.

‘Laughter doesn’t fix your problems, it helps to dissolve the problem so that you can think better and find answers,” said Kataria in an interview on Discovery Channel

A recent study on the effect of laughter on memory and stress levels found a wide range of health benefits including memory improvement and lower stress.

There are various methods of erasing fear from the mind and preventing its congestions in the body. One of the most direct and effective shatterers of fear is laughter. Laugh your fears away. See how ridiculous they are when traced to their source.

That there is an intimate relationship between happiness and health goes without question. When you feel good, you sing either audibly or silently. Singing promotes health because it increases the circulation, and a good circulation is a sign and promoter of health. If the blood stream were never congested and all the nerves and pores were open and free and were swiftly carrying forward their appointed work, there would never be an abnormal or false growth in the body. It follows logically then that we should cultivate those mind activities which stimulate naturally the currents of life in the body. One of these, and a very important one, is joy.

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