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Error will die among it’s worshippers”

When the Bible says that the friendship with this world is the enmity with God, it is the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

How can a gentile magazine named FORBES include the name of a Minister of God among it’s favourites, and the minister in question is comfortable and probably happy with the inclusion? 

Wait a minute, if a magazine or tabloid known or associated with evil and occultism, or power of darkness include the name of same Minister of God in their publication, I am sure, the Minister will fight back and do everything possible to dissociate him/herself from such publication – but not so with FORBES!

No doubt, the perilous time the Bible warns against, long before now, is here. This is a period of gross deception in the Church. The era that measures ministerial success based on the amount of money you have. The season of private jets among ministers of God and the days of shame as the Heaven looks down on spiritual betrayal that is going-on among the fathers in-faith, where ministers are choosing mammon over and above God in their heart.

Let me stamp the truth into our memory as regards the Gospel of the Kingdom.

  1. No man or woman can do more work than what Jesus Christ has done for us. When Jesus said ‘greater works’, He was referring to all of them  as a Team of Disciples’, and not to an individual.
  2. The Love of Money, according to Apostle Paul, is the root of evil – not the money! Who can be sincere to themselves, and with themselves among us that does not love money? As a Christian, your love of money is reflected in your affection for money. This reflected again on how you display material things that money can buy. For example, when you have to tell people how much your new auditorium costs – this is an expression of your love for money (mammon)!
  3. When Jesus commanded us to take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the UTTERMOST PART OF THE WORLD, He was not referring to major cities with over crowded churches everywhere. The places tagged the outermost part of the world are being visited by missionaries through and via meager transportations and not with PRIVATE JETS  as you are being deceived to believe by our FORBES Pastors!
  4. The greatest shock will be dawn on us at the Christ’s Judgement Seat! 

After passing through the WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT of God because you have accepted Jesus Christ into your life as Lord and Savior – not because of your works. 

However, at Christ’s Judgement Seat, your work will be tested with Fire. Yes, Fire! 

Fire stands for zeal, your passion. This is where we shall all see those who are peddling and materialising the Gospel, whose god is their bellies – then we shall all know that God is not mocked and whatever you sow that also you will reap. We thought and believe your zeal was for souls but Jesus knew it was for fame – that day shall reveal it!

  1. Many things – a lot of projects these Men and Women of God are busy embarking on are not from God. They may look so good and accepted by people, but they are not from God. Goodly but not Godly. 

Some of the projects gulp millions of dollars, and from the sweat of people! Fire will consume them on that day at Christ’s Judgement Seat!

  1. Most disturbing part of the whole scenario is that most of these Ministers of God are not showing their innocent and gullible members THE WAY – JESUS! 

Instead, they kept pointing and marketing themselves to the people. This is why many of their church members will go to any length with their pastors, but will not move an inch with God!

  1. “But this thou hast, that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitanes, which I also hate”, Revelation  2:6. What are those deeds that the church hated and Jesus ALSO HATED?

Take heed and take caution as a sheep in the midst of wolves.

Rev. Segun Tewogbola is the General Overseer of,
Christ The Truth Ministries (CTTM)
Ibadan, Oyo State.