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Suffering is Part of Life Process -Priscilla Otuya


Suffering is Part of Life Process -Priscilla Otuya

The present state of Christianity is confusing, misleading, deceitful and self glorifying with many in the name of God and cassock of calling are making people to believe, suffering is not part of life.

Bishop (Mrs.) Priscilla Otuya made this known while speaking during the inauguration ceremony of The Worshippers’ House Int’l. Group Study Center in Ajah area of Lagos.

“Suffering is part of life process and without it, you can’t make it”, she declared.

Adding that, God permit and allow us to pass through suffering, to enable us focus, humble and appreciate God’s blessings for our lives. Many have been derailed and deprived of making it due to their carelessness and gullability of misinformation, deceit and confusion created by some self serving pastors, who preaches and teaches prosperity, while misplacing priorities of righteousness, salvation and holiness as true pointers of the gospel.

Emphasising elementary (baby), meat and bone eating as categories of Christianity, Otuya said, christians have forsaken and neglected walking with the word of God, for glorification or fighting the devil.
“God and His Word are one, when you take away His Word, you take away His principles”, she said.

“The devil does not fight a person, but the word of God and His purpose in life of people are his target for destruction and to overcome, one must walk with the word of God,” she added.

Lamenting on the increase of Churches religion activities and the regular Sunday services, Bishop Otuya said, “sincerely, most of our gatherings on Sundays are not unto the Lord as claimed, but are in the name of the Lord. They are fast becoming religious rituals and activities.”

Should God, by His Spirit instruct that 2 Sundays should be wholly dedicated for worship and praise without any form of other activities or collection; “how many pastor or cleric would wholly obey without an excuse to make a collection or add their own programme?” She asked rhetorically.

God is not an author of confusion, but human created confusion. “Many lazy and deceitful pastors, church leaders and clerics in the garb of titles claimed to be born again but they are not converted. They don’t study the Word or seek God, neither enquire of Him for guidance and direction. They depends largely on their intellectual ability to plan programmes, designed doctrines, teach theology and self style tradition.”

She said further, “it is better to sit down and don’t answer as a pastor or clergy, than to stand and answer as a pastor or clergy confusing, doctrinating and misleading people.”

In his remarks, the Convener and Lead Pastor, The Worshippers’ House Int’l., Apostle Ben Stephen Ogidi, giving purpose for inaugurating the Worshippers’ House Study Center, he said, it is to bring back the true worship and word of God close to people. “Most people are ignorant and believe in everything, including winds of doctrines, because, there are no addendum for the kingdom message.”

People want miracles from God, but don’t want the God of the miracle and some ungodly men have used the opportunity to crept into the church system with falsehood and deceitful messages. They operate on another culture without Christ’s foundation to hoodwinked people.

This is the best time for the church to rebuild her foundation, return and restore back her light with true position.

Most churches and pastors are more interested in gathering crowds and followers, teaching them how to be millionaires, fight demons and kill perceived enemies, than equipping the saints and making them word addicted disciples.

“There is need for a change, the opportunity is now and that change must begin from the church pulpit”, he said.

Guests among others at the inauguration ceremony includes Bishop Isaac Nmeregini, Engr. Otuya, Mr. Celestine Ogidi and Gracious Akintayo (Editor/Publisher, Providence Magazine)