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Some Social Etiquettes You Should Know – By Gracious Akintayo

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Some Social Etiquettes You Should Know – By Gracious Akintayo 

  • When someone hugs you, do not be the first to break away.
  • Remove your sunglasses when you’re speaking to someone.
  • Irrespective of your closeness, do not ask your friends for their clothes, shoes and accessories.

They are ‘personal belongings’.

  • Do not order for expensive things when you are not the one paying or sharing the bill.
  • Time is literally money, do not unnecessarily delay people or keep them waiting on appointments. 
  • If you borrow someone’s novel or books, do not mark on them. Return them in a good condition and within acceptable time.
  • Compliment people when you notice their extra efforts in something and never hesitate to apologise anytime you’re pointed to a mistake.
  • If a child touched you and asked (begged) for money don’t give a dirty look at them or snubbed them. Give, if you can or say no if you don’t want to.
  • If someone is wearing headphones, wave your hand or tap the person rather than calling in a louder voice.
  • Praise publicly and criticize privately. Be polite in your response and communication with people.
  • Be quiet when others are asleep. More than not talking — slamming doors, drawers, etc.
  • Avoid finishing other people’s sentences and cutting them off when talking. Be patient to listen and not assume.
  • If you get a missed call, remember to call them back. Or at least drop a message.
  • When you go for a business meeting and offer any refreshment, accept it with thanks. But, first finish the business meeting before taking it or thank your host and leave it untouched.
  • When visiting any office organization, first respect the security man at the  gate with courtesy.