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Signs That God’s Blessing is Coming To You


Signs That God’s Blessing is Coming To You

Opening of the right doors is a privilege of life to someone and it takes prayer with the hand of God to get the right doors open. God is always in the business of opening new doors and blessing for His people. But, there are signs that indicates you as a qualified candidate to the right doors of God blessings.
You have to understand the signs and be mindful not to take them for granted.

The grace to pray:
If prayer had been difficult and you suddenly breakthrough in your prayer life. It is an indication of God doing something new in your life. You have to carefully watch what God is about to do.

The grace to give:
The grace to give is a sign of God about opening a new door for you. You may not have much to give but a strong burden to give. Fact that you give at any given opportunity is a sign of great thing coming your way.

Related dreams:
Another way God used, is to give you dreams related to your similar expectation. You will be having dreams of being successful and to make it becomes reality is by prayer. Because the devil may manipulate or try to abort your dream.

Receiving prophecies:
Never underestimate the role of prophets in your life. God uses prophets to reveal your destiny and the plans he has for you. Anytime you receive a prophecy pray that it will come to pass. It is a sign that God is about to bless you. Also be careful of false prophets who manipulates. (Matthew 7: 16).

God gives you related scripture:
This is one key area, you have to be sensitive. God will constantly speak to you through His word. If you meditate on the scriptures, God will illuminate His word to you and you will have more Scriptural clarification that address your situation.

Ability to praise God in difficult situation:
One person in the Bible who clearly demonstrated this attribute is Job. Despite loosing everything, he kept his hope in God. He said, “though He slay me, yet will I still hope in Him” (Job 13:15). If difficult situations strengthen your relationship, it is a sign of God blessings coming your way.

Discomfort in current status:
If you are displeased in your current situation and looking forward to a change and turnaround. The situation may not be worst, but you are hungry for a change. It is an indication that another door of elevation is about opening from your current situation.