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Seven Incredible Facts About Late Mrs. Hilda Joanne Adefarasin


Seven Incredible Facts About Late Mrs. Hilda Joanne Adefarasin 

Seven incredible facts you may want to know about late Mrs. Hilda Joanne Adefarasin who passed on to glory recently at the ripe age of 98 years on Sunday 5 January, 2023 includes;

  1. She was the wife of 2nd Chief judge of Lagos State, late Justice Joseph Adefarasin.

    Late Mama Adefarasin at her younger stage of life
  2. She was a retired nurse by profession, a women’s rights activist and former president of National Council of Women’s Societies (NCWS).

    Mama Adefarasin, some of her children, daughters-in-law and grandchildren with Pastor Adeboye during her 70th birthday celebration.
  3. She was a leading figure among the early Nigerian women who fought vigorously for the emancipation of girl child and women rights in Nigeria.

    Pastor Wale Adefarasin, the first of the Adefarasin’s
  4. She was a dutiful mother, notable Nigerian personality and eminent achiever in her lifetime.

    Pastor Paul Adefarasin with sister, Pastor ‘Bola Adefarasin
  5. She was a devoted christian and prayerful woman with all her children who are successful church leaders and ministers are globally recognized in their respective ministries.

    Apostle Michael Adeyemi Adefarasin
  6. She has five biological children, three men and two women, including Pastor Wale Adefarasin of Guiding Light Assembly, Lagos; Pastor (Ms.) Adebola Adefarasin, Hephzibah House of Prayer, Lagos, Pastor (Mrs.) Yinka Ogundipe, Apostle Adeyemi Adefarasin Kingdom Lifeline Apostolic Ministries Int’l and Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House on the Rock, Lagos.

    Pastor Paul & late Mama Adefarasin
  7. While Pastor Wale Adefarasin, the Senior Pastor, Guiding Light Assembly, Lagos is the first child and scion of the family, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, Senior Pastor of House on the Rock, Lagos is the 3rd son and last of the five siblings for their late parent, Justice Joseph and Mrs. Hilda Adefarasin.

    Pastors Wale, Yemi & Paul Adefarasin’s