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Reason Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe of CCC Genesis Global Went to Jail


There are instances when supposed gifted and annointed men of God derail from the teachings of their original calling and gifting to go the ways of the world.

Mostly done with excuses and self justification, they quote from the Bible justifying their actions especially when faced with opposition and criticism.

God is not an author of confusion or a man that should lie. He has His standard, rules, style, direction and order on how His things should be done for service and worship.

When it comes to sanctuary or temple of worship, there are stringent lay down rules and standard to follow for pastors and worshippers.

Unfortunately, many don’t care to know about these rules and some others, don’t bother to follow to obey it. People are more interested in Bible verses that dwel on blessing and prosperity. The worst is the seeking of man’s attention, connection and relationship to boost their ego or self glory while undermining the seeking of God and His presence for direction. This have been costly mistake of most church leaders and christians.

As a result of self justification, ego, disobedience and rebellion, many men of God by their actions and deeds have taken God for granted, underrate His mercy and get too familiar with Him. Many men of God as a result of this have lost their place and position in the presence of God, in their calling and in the ministry.

When we go contrary against the lay down rules and standards of God our worship and service to Him, then we become a rebellion, inviting the wrath and anger of God with the consequence to hinder the flow of His presence, grace and blessings.

The church has not found anything untoward in their style of music as it is designed to prepare members for the day service before the Lord and in total submission to His supremacy and authority. The sole message of the music is to praise, worship and adore God.

Music is an essential part of worship and service in any church setting. It is institutional, instructional and spiritual to bring the down the presence of God because through music we offer sacrifices and draw the presence of God in praise, worship and adoration.

Every denomination have styles and recognised ways of praising and worshipping God. This way, you can easily identify denominations or church worship style. Despite these differences, there is a common belief and understanding that, the place and position of the altar in every church is highly esteemed and reverred with caution, courtesy, custom.

There had been series of threat to gospel music when acclaimed gospel singers collaborates or feature with secular musicians in their songs for fame and worldly attention or when secular musician sing gospel songs to gain draw attention or gain attraction. Many Christians are as a result of this, are dismayed and confused, not because they are not hearing secular music publicly but because the worship of God is being diluted with worldly percussion of gutter and vulgar language. No matter how well packaged, presented and promoted it cannot be the same to achieve it’s spiritually purpose, rather it will only serve as emotional entertainment without spiritual impact.

Wasiu Ayinde Marshal at the altar entertaining and singing 'Talazo' in the churchThere are many known ‘owambe and tungba’ (secular) musicians branding to be gospel singers. Truth is, they are justified entertainer and stage showman. They are not gospel musician, altar singer or pulpit minister.

That a secular musician is successful and well known, and can sing gospel songs or closely related to a Christian does not give him/her the right or audacity to be at the altar or stand on the pulpit to sing as an entertainer without spiritual inclination. It is an aberation, mockery of the gospel and sharing His presence, God will not take kindly to it.

In the quest for showmanship and entertainment with egocentric abuse of grace, Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe of CCC Genesis Global carelessly and recklessly invited a known owambe musician of secularly genre’ to the church, bring him to the reverred altar and hand over the pulpit to him to entertain the congregation with his ‘Talazo and owambe’ songs. This is a flagrant abuse of grace, insult and blasphemy to the presence of God. It is bringing entirely strange spirit to share in the place and authority of God. And God, who never share His glory will not let go without the dire consequence.

The CCC Genesis Global pulled weight together and gladly invited King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal KWAM1 to the church auditorium (which is not a sin or an offence), but bringing him to the altar and the pulpit to lead in any form, without the exception of giving a testimony to the glory of God and the prophet, in demeaning the grace, presence and annointing of God upon his life, apart from leading his congregation in joymood to dance owambe from the altar, he evaporated the oil of grace on him to prostrate (bow and worship) the ‘Talazo’ singer while on the altar.

Israel Oladele prostrating to Easily Ayinde Marshall at the AltarIt is pertinent to note that God is a jealous and consuming fire God. He never share His glory with anyone, no matter how highly placed or relationship with Him. He is never pleased with anyone, who openly denegrate or belittle His personality, position and presence.

Inviting KWAM 1 to the presence of God is not a sin, but bringing him to the place consider as inner court of Holy of the holies (altar) as a priest he was never be, to perform, is blasphemous and sin against God.

The leadership of the umbrella Church, Celestial Church of Christ (CCC) were never pleased at the occurrence and never quiet over it, but the arrogance and rebellion of Prophet Israel Oladele Ogundipe will not allow him to humble himself, repent and submit to the umbrella Church authority, to accept his mistake, take correction, apologize for the wrong and seek forgiveness. Even, if need be, to serve whatever discipline that maybe measured to him to serve as example to others. Rather he chooses to be disrespectful and publicly maligned the umbrella body with plan already hatched to breakaway from the umbrella church and to stand on its own.

Christians, especially young and upcoming ministers of God. They should realised that the greatest sin against God is the sin against the personality of the Holy Spirit by way of arrogance, disobedience and rebellion.

The Holy Spirit will either be present or depart from someone or a ministry depending on the way it is honoured and acknowledged during and in our services.

Rebellion is satanic and demonic, when you act them against a constituted authority, especially one that involve spiritual covering, God never take it lightly. It is affront to Him.

There are several biblical history examples with outcome history of people whose rebellious and disobedience attracts eternal consequences.

Christians and men of God should stop following the footsteps of Saul who listened to men and lost the grace of God in his life and his enemy took over his throne or Nebuchadnezzar the king who instantly became an animal and was driven into the bush to feed like animal.

Younger generation of ministers should submit to authority God has placed over them. Be humble, broken and dry, that they may be filled, renewed and be a vessel of honour to God than for wild winds.

Familiarity, position, connection and relationship should not be taken for granted, undermine or disregard. God lift those who humble themselves and debased those who lift up themselves.

Downfall of a man is not the end of his life. But be humble and let not God humbled you.