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RE-EVALUATING FAITH: Have We Been Living a Lie?” By Bishop (Mrs.) Priscilla Otuya


RE-EVALUATING FAITH: Have We Been Living a Lie?” By Bishop (Mrs.) Priscilla Otuya

In the vast tapestry of African spirituality, preachers and guardians of faith play a pivotal role in shaping beliefs and practices handed down through generations. Yet, amidst the fervor of devotion and the echoes of tradition, there lies a profound question: Have we been living a lie?

The Gospel, as delivered to the Apostles, forms the cornerstone of Christian faith across the globe. However, in the rich cultural mosaic of Africa, interpretations and practices often diverge, influenced by history, colonial legacies, and indigenous beliefs. While these variations enrich the tapestry of faith, they also raise critical questions about authenticity and truth.

In the quest to uphold and propagate the Gospel, African preachers and custodians of faith face a profound challenge: the need for a close and independent examination of their beliefs and teachings. This introspection is not merely an intellectual exercise but a spiritual imperative, a journey to confront the possibility that what has been held as truth may, in fact, be a distortion or misinterpretation.

The call for such scrutiny is not an indictment of African spirituality but an acknowledgment of the evolving nature of human understanding and the complexity of faith. It is a call to peel back the layers of tradition and cultural accretions to uncover the essence of the Gospel, unadulterated by human agendas or historical baggage.

Such introspection requires courage – the courage to question long-held assumptions, the courage to challenge entrenched dogmas, and the courage to embrace the discomfort of uncertainty. It is a journey fraught with tension and resistance, for it demands humility in the face of entrenched beliefs and the willingness to embrace change.

Yet, within this crucible of self-examination lies the promise of renewal and enlightenment. By engaging in a rigorous interrogation of their faith, African preachers and custodians have the opportunity to rediscover the purity and simplicity of the Gospel message, untainted by cultural biases or doctrinal distortions.

Moreover, this process of reevaluation is not merely an intellectual exercise but a spiritual awakening, a rekindling of the flame of authentic faith. It is a journey of rediscovery, wherein the truths that emerge resonate not only with the mind but with the soul – truths that transcend cultural boundaries and speak to the universal longing for meaning and purpose.

In embracing this call to reevaluate their faith, African preachers and custodians of the Gospel embark on a journey of profound significance – a journey that transcends the confines of tradition and cultural conditioning to embrace the timeless truths of the Gospel. It is a journey of liberation, wherein the shackles of ignorance and deception are cast aside, and the light of truth illuminates the path forward.

So, let us heed the call to reevaluate our faith – not out of fear or doubt, but out of love for truth and a genuine desire to live in alignment with the essence of the Gospel. For in confronting the possibility that we may have been living a lie, we open ourselves to the transformative power of authentic faith – a faith that liberates, illuminates, and ultimately, sets us free.

Bishop Dr. (Mrs.) Priscilla Otuya is the Presiding Bishop of House of Regents Ministries and President, United Gospel Churches Association of Nigeria. (UGCAN)

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