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Pharisees in the Garb of Title -By Gracious Akintayo


Pharisees in the Garb of Title -By Gracious Akintayo 

“Except the Lord builds the house, its builders are building in vain…” “No one takes this honour upon himself, except God called him, just like Aaron was”; and “A man can receive nothing, unless it has been given to him from heaven.” (Psalm 127:1, Hebrew 5:4, John 3:27)

Except the Lord called, ordained, anointed, mandated and charged for gain; every other shortcut, inundate, anxious, manmade and charges are in vain. Whatever is not from the above cannot be above all and doing things without God’s perception is a sin.

Today the body of Christ and ministerial calling are driven by competition, comparison, complaints, contentions and conflicts that has undervalue the conviction and the characteristics of Christ’s calling among Christians.  

We are now in the phase of Christianity and ministry where there are many jesters, comedians, entertainers, opportunists, tricksters, hirelings and magicians in the robe and title of ministerial service for the gospel.

There are many marauders, wolves in sheep’s clothing and vipers in cassock with the garb of title in the midst of shepherds, sheep and the elect. They are lacking in scriptural knowledge, spiritual revelation, moral understanding and kingdom mannerism. They create situations without solution, speak without impact, preach without practical examples, serve without zeal and function without functions.  

These set of title chasing ministers have no ministerial purpose, drive, mission and goals. But, to acquire ego, possess pride and be arrogant. They are social, political, commercial, and ceremonial attention seekers, who arrogate themselves to be seen, greeted, hailed and praised without fragrance of grace, honour and message.

It is a disservice to Christianity and the kingdom’s purpose to rush into the ministry with the aim of acquiring title, become popular, rich and celebrity without clarity of purpose and going through the required process of mentoring, discipling and training to acquire the humbling experience. Even the Lord Jesus Christ submissively and humbly went through all the required process and experience.

Most of the spiritual personality, promotion and position with activities in the church today without the Holy Spirit inspiration and God’s leading are flamboyance of rituals and idolatry done in futility.