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PFN Berates Federal Government on Present State of the Country, …offers solution


PFN Berates Federal Government on Present State of the Country, …offers solution

The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Southwest Zone has berated the federal government on the lackadaisical attitude and mishandling of the present worrisome economic, security, decaying societal value situation in the country.

The Vice President (Southwest Zone) of PFN, Archbishop John Osa-Oni at press conference he addressed at the PFN Legacy Secretariat Kobape, Ogun State, Nigeria that attracted leading members of PFN and other Christian leaders across the state, Osa-Oni decried the state of insecurity in Nigeria with its spread to the Southwest part of the country.

“The situation in the country, especially in the southwest, is becoming scary. It was the northeast before and then the east. Today, the southwest seems to be the theater of evil men. They are growing by the day”, he said.

While stating the position of PFN on issues bedeviling the country, Osa-Oni lamented the increase of kidnapping and ritual killings where there is no safe place in the country with many that have lost loved ones in unbelievable circumstances.

 “Corpses of young men and women are found in despicable places and seems kidnapping and ritual killing have taken on a new garb. Both young and old are becoming victims with no one to be trusted again. Though no war has been declared, it seems we are in a perpetual state of war”, he said.

Nigeria President, Muhammed Buhari

Citing the case of Bus Rapid Transport, (BRT) Service that was considered reliable and safe means of transportation within Lagos but seems to be no longer reliable with the recent killing of a lady, identified as Bamise who boarded a BRT bus only to end up being killed apparently for ritual purposes. From all indications, the BRT driver who did not live up to the billing of his name, Nice, was at the center of the death of this innocent lady.

“Bamise’s case became public because she was smart enough to record and alert her family and friends of situation around her before she was murdered.”

“There are many Bamise’s that must have been killed in similar manner. Today, kidnappers are in the hospitals and many other public places, disguised in different forms to perpetuate their evil acts and they are growing by the day”, he stated.

Osa-Oni described the recent introduction of the Islamic hijab head dress for female Nigerian police officers by the Inspector General of Police, Usman Baba Alkali as a big distraction for the nation and an attempt to continue to portray Nigeria as Islamic nation.

PFN President, Bishop Wale Oke

“It is really worrisome that despite the myriad of problems facing the Nigeria Police Force, it seems the issue of hijab is the most pressing for this government and it shows how those in leadership position have turned governance into a circus show and a parade of inanities”, he lamented.

Adding that, the Nigeria Police since existence in 1945 has gone through several phases and challenges. Over time, the police force has been underfunded with many Police barracks becoming an eyesore and morale of the police is low and uninspiring. Yet, those in government think the issue of female police officers wearing hijab is more important, he stated.

Contrary to the statement of the Force’s spokesman, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, that the dress code was approved “for optimum output and professionalism”. Archbishop Osa-Oni said, the reason for introduction of the dress code is not only puerile but shows the level of arrogance in the corridors of power. He asked, how will the dress code of the police enhance their performance or is performance in the dress or in their action? It seems, the government has undertaken to make itself an agent of destabilization. 

“The issue of hijab has become a recurring decimal in the nation’s polity. Just a few months ago, some Christian mission schools in Kwara State were forced against their wish to accommodate hijab-wearing students. This is not only a slap on the face of Christians but a sort of provocation” Osa-Oni fumed. 

Sounding warning, the PFN Vice President, Southwest Zone, Archbishop Osa-Oni warned that, President Mohamadu Buhari and the IGP should be aware of the neutrality of Nigeria in the matter of religion. They must not allow themselves to be used as instruments of unnecessary chaos to the country. 

We observe that, as Christians, our patience is being tested every day. While we keep praying, we are not oblivious of the several moves of this government to stamp the Islamic toga on Nigeria and this government will not succeed in its Islamisation drive. But we appeal to this government not to tear the country to pieces before leaving in about a year of its administration. 

Clearing the air on generated controversy of internal memo by the Redeemed Christian Church of God directing its parishes to set up a directorate for politics and governance, Osa-Oni said, the initiative was of the PFN and shared among churches which RCCG acted in line with the directive. It is not true that the DPG is set up to promote any political agenda of a particular candidate. Neither it’s a political party or partisan in its operations. But to politically empower and enlighten churches and christians on the practical and formidable process of political re-orientation, integration and empowerment to make our votes count and be counted.

As a body, we know the implication of supporting a particular candidate above others. There are people in the church who have political ambitions and it will be naive of PFN to back just one of them. The DPG was not set up to do that. but to curb the perennial use and abuse of Christians vote at every election by politicians who come to churches to ask for votes at every election without fulfilling their electoral promises.

He further added, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) through the Directorate of Politics and Governance (DPG), is re-orientating its members and churches on the need to get involved deeply and practically in the unfolding political process in the country.

“The DPG was set up to sensitize Christians and make them participate in the electioneering process. Our goal is to enthrone democracy in its purest form and to deliver Nigeria from political charlatans who have held the country by the jugular”, he said.

Osa-Oni assured the public and politicians that the PFN and the church intentions are genuine and altruistic. 

While commending the for it’s achievement in the area of infrastructure with burgeoning rail project and our roads wearing a new and formidable look. PFN indicates that things are not looking up for the country in other areas of the economy. 

PFN observed that the exchange rate keeps going down in value and purchasing power is growing weaker by the day. With many Nigerians barely able to live on their income which has made corruption to be somewhat institutional. A lot of workers now take advantage of their offices to exploit fellow Nigerians and many civil servants are now compromised because of the need to survive.

Giving the hope and assurance that Nigeria will rise again and the economy will pick up again.

PFN admonished the government to reduce the cost of governance, cut down excesses with many loopholes and blockages to be filled.

The body calls for the urgent need to invest in young people of this nation, stating that many brilliant young people are roaming the streets without jobs. Many of them have creative ideas. All they need is just a push. 

PFN pleaded with the government to find a lasting solution to the lingering ASUU strike. “There is a need to create a formidable template for our academic institutions with a view to making them productive and relevant to the present-day economy”, it said.