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PASSION IS THE FUEL OF DESTINY By Dr. Segun ‘Tremendous’ Oshinaga


PASSION IS THE FUEL OF DESTINY By Dr. Segun ‘Tremendous’ Oshinaga 

Passion is the fuel for leaders’ dreams and goals. There has never been a successful leader in history that didn’t have passion and progress is impossible without passion. Without passion there will be no power to prosecute the vision of the house. Passion is power. It empowers dreams and visions.

It’s a fact, you can’t go far in life if you don’t have passion. Therefore, to successfully lead, you need to have passion to succeed.

Here are few points on passion for you;

  1. Passion For What You Do Brings Results:

When you love what you do, you’ll do it with passion -an intense desire to do well. You can hardly excel in what you have no burning desire for. That is an absolute rule. Therefore, get involved in what excites you.

“Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of Him that sent Me, and to nish His 

work.” (John 4:34) I love this story from the book of John. 

Our Lord and master, Jesus and His disciples had been busy with evangelism and the work of the kingdom. They were so engrossed in the work that they forgot to eat. Then the disciples came to Him  – “In the mean while His disciples prayed Him, saying, Master, eat.” (John 4:31) His answer to them in verse 34 reveals the place of passion in our chosen career, ministry or industry. Whatever you can do with little food, sleep or comfort is your secret weapon for life.

The reason why many don’t succeed is because they have not found their passion. Whatever you lack passion for is a one-way ticket to oblivion and obscurity. Don’t spend your best years and efforts on something you can’t sacrifice or die for.

We see the same thing with Apostle Paul. “But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might nish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.” (Acts 20:24)

You can’t stop a man with passion. You may hurt him, slow him down, beat on him and throw obstacles on his path but you can’t stop him. He keeps coming back. He keeps moving on. He keeps getting back up. It’s incredible what a man can endure when he has passion for a vision, dream or work.

  1. You Are Willing To Learn and Relearn;

When you have passion for what you do, you will be willing to invest time and money to learn, unlearn and relearn so that you can increase your effectiveness. There is no way you can improve your ‘serve’ and become better other than by learning. Because of your passion, you will be willing to learn new methods, styles and tools that significantly improve your service. 

Training is the key to leading. Because you have passion to succeed in what you do, you will be willing to learn what works and what no longer works. That is the ‘unlearn’ part of learning. In a dynamic world, methods change rather quickly and to be on the cutting edge, you must always be on the lookout for what is working. Improving your productivity is the purpose of training.

Teachability is an asset for people who will accomplish much. Refitting your skills arsenal is an essential part of fulfilling your calling.

  1. You Are Willing To Take Risk;

When you have passion, you will be willing to take risk. Great improvements are impossible without taking risks. Whether in politics, business, ministry, virtually every area of life, risk-taking is part of leadership responsibilities.

  1. You Are Willing To Work Long Hours;

When you have passion for something, you don’t count the hours, rather the hours seem to y. One of the most important factors responsible for success in any eld is hard work. Passion doesn’t make the work seem hard. Because you enjoy what you are doing, it seems like play. Passion makes work seem like hobby. Nothing succeeds without investing quality time in it. To work long hours without complaining is proof that you have passion for it.

  1. You Are Willing To Make Mistakes;

Passion makes you willing to make mistakes in the course of pursuing your goal. Those who are afraid of making mistakes don’t go too far. Those who are afraid of taking risks don’t go too far. You make mistakes and correct them but what is important is that you don’t stop going after your goal. Mistakes are not fatal but learning curves on the road to destiny.

(Excerpt from Leadership Is An He’Art’)


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