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Nigerian Leaders Behave As If God Does Not Exist – Bishop Chioma Dauji


Nigerian Leaders Behave As If God Does Not Exist – Bishop Chioma Dauji

The presiding Bishop and General Overseer of Amazing Grace Pentecostal Church, Lagos, Bishop (Dr.) Chioma Grace Dauji while speaking at a special service organised by the church for Nigeria’s 61 years Independent Anniversary, she called on Nigerian government, people in authority and power, political leaders, public office holders and those saddle with responsibility to oversee different strata position and offices; to remember that, in whatsoever they are doing and their decisions with action been taking, they should remember, the judgement of God is waiting for them.

Lamenting on the present situation in Nigeria as worrisome, Bishop Dauji said, it should not have been as terrible as this, if the people in authority and power have acted and operated with the fear of God and consideration to the welfare of the people they claimed to be leading and governing.

“The people in power are behaving as if God does not exist and cannot intervene in the situation of Nigeria. They created an atmosphere and environment of banditry, kidnapping, hoodlums, occultist and other criminal vices to freely operate, destroy, maim and kill without hindrance”, Dauji lamented.

Nigeria’s total freedom is connected to prophetic declarations of God and not in any government or  administration policy. “Not until we operate in the fear of God and allow the fear of God to be the guide and roadmap of our actions and decisions, we will always have crisis and confusion”, she declared.

Describing the body language and actions of people in authority and power as evil and satanic, she said, they created an enabling environment of confusion, destruction and killings that are now the order of the day in Nigerian society to operate without hindrance.

While praying for God’s mercy upon Nigeria, she prayed against every evil force and wrong counsel frustrating the desired unity, progress and stability of Nigeria. 

Bishop Dauji decreed against the break up of Nigeria, and went on to pray for God’s restoration of lasting peace and united Nigeria.

“God is not an author of confusion, Nigeria is not a creation of circumstances or mistakes. Nigeria is prophetically and strategically positioned to rule the world and this prophecy will surely come to pass in the history of Nigeria and in the life of her citizens”, she declared.