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Nigeria Needs a Revolution and Fast! By Tonye Oliver


Nigeria Needs a Revolution and Fast! By Tonye Oliver

The last year has brought to light the dire straits that the nation has found itself in, the rottenness that was under the clothes has been exposed and what was hidden and unsaid is now noised abroad. 

The choke hold of lawlessness, corruption, anarchy and extreme wickedness of the most despicable order is snuffing the life out of the nation.

The 2023 elections, the shenanigans at the presidential elections tribunal and the Supreme Court are violent expressions of this satanic chokehold; wickedness has its foot on the neck of our nation.

No aspect of national life is left out, politics, religion, economy, in fact the present economic quagmire we find ourselves in is another violent expression of this chokehold, for no nation can truly prosper under the moral conditions we are in, it is impossible.

Let us not talk about what is happening in the police, government institutions and come to think about it in our homes. 

Thieves, fraudsters, certificate forgers and people of the most corrupt inclinations hold sway at all levels of political leadership, what kind of laws do you expect to be passed, what kind of policies would be pursued? Thieves do not care about others; if they did they would not be thieves!

The people are dying, breath is being snuffed out of people, hunger is everywhere, suicides are on the increase, prostitution has become a serious ‘economic’ activity, even married people are indulging in that activity, what about ‘yahoo yahoo’,  murder for ritual purposes, kidnappings? Etc. 

People are responding in different ways, the japa syndrome is one way, the End-Sars was a strong attempt to break the choke hold by the younger generation.

The IPOB movement is another way some people are responding because at its root is perceived injustice and deprivation. 

After the 2023 elections, the calls for violent revolution are beginning to be heard in some spaces, the frustration is mounting and people are getting desperate. To ignore these cries is the height of foolishness because in the event of such those who think they are safe behind high walls and private armies will discover that those walls become their prisons and their guards their executioners.

Nigeria needs a revolution! Something must happen to avert the impending doom and break this satanic chokehold! Nigeria must be delivered to fulfill her promise, but is a violent revolution the answer?

History shows us that violent revolutions never bring lasting change, in time the freedom fighters of yesterday become the oppressors of today. George Orwell captured this excellently in his book, Animal Farm.

The French revolution is a powerful testament to the truth of George Orwell’s insights, the revolution swept away a corrupt and oppressive monarchy and installed a corrupt and oppressive republican leadership!

Historians tell us that the same set of social and economic conditions that produced the French and the Russian revolutions were present in Britain, but while France and Russia experienced a bloodbath, Britain seemed to have been spared and they adduced the reason to be that a different type of revolution took place in Britain albeit a spiritual and moral revolution driven by the energetic preaching of the Wesley brothers and others like George Whitfield whose work confronted the nation with her national sin and precipitated a turnaround in her fortunes.

Nigeria needs a revolution that touches the very heart and essence of the nation, a revolution that installs righteousness, justice, morality and equity at the center of her relationships.

Nothing shows how far the nation has drifted than the statement by the brilliant Dr. Reuben Abati that the law is not based on morality, how wrong he is.

Morality is the foundation of the law, without morality how can there be righteousness or true justice? Without morality the law becomes an instrument of oppression and a tool for legalizing wickedness!

It is this thinking that produces technical judgments. Nature abhors injustice and will rebel against it. 

Nigeria needs a moral revolution that strikes at the heart of the evil in our land and cuts off the heads of the hydra-headed monsters of corruption that are killing slowly with their deadly poisons.

We need a morality based on the fear of God, natural justice, equity and righteousness. When we have this revolution our laws will reflect this, good will be rewarded and evil will be punished.

Today it is a ‘sin’ to do right in our nation, evil men are celebrated and honored, no wonder the great Chinua Achebe rejected the offer of a national honor. Look at the roll call of the holders of the highest national awards we have, it is a list of who’s who in corruption and wickedness, the irony is that some of the most deserving of such high awards receive the lowest awards if any at all.

We need a moral revolution that affects the heart and mind of the citizen, a revolution of the Singaporean type that transformed a third world nation into a first class economy in a few generations.

We need that revolution or we perish.

I am comforted by the prophetic words of Pa S. G Elton who in the 80’s, prophesied,

“Nigeria/Nigerians will be known for corruption worldwide but the tide will turn and Nigeria will also be known for righteousness worldwide. Many shall take hold of him that is a Nigerian, saying, we will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.” – Pa Elton, 1986. 

With this righteousness will come such prosperity that she shall be the pride of the black race and the envy of nations. 

Some may call this revolution a revival and indeed it will be so for it will be the hearts of men to what is good and proper, to righteousness, love for neighbor and country and the true fear of God.

Let people of faith believe, pray and work for this. May it come quickly and speedily for delay might be fatal and the consequences dire.

May the Lord rain righteousness upon us, may New Life come upon us, may the fear of God rule in our hearts, for righteousness will exalt this nation and deliver her from the reproach of her sin.

Let the one who has ears hear and let one who has wisdom understand.

Apostle Tonye Oliver is a Lagos based cleric and public commentator. He is the President Jesus Heals the Sick Ministries and current Publicity Secretary, PFN Lagos.