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Nigeria is Mourning, …we are no fools! -Bishop Lawrence Osagie


Nigeria is Mourning, …we are no fools! -Bishop Lawrence Osagie

Nigeria is mourning because the wicked are in power and until the righteous take over, there can be no peace. The presiding Bishop of Powerline Bible Church, Lagos, Bishop Lawrence Osagie made this remark while speaking with PROVIDENCE.

Osagie said, enthroning wickedness will continue causing the people to suffer and to groan, which is what is going on and we are experiencing in the country. 

“Nigerians have been fooled many times by politicians and power-hungers. It is time for Nigerians to prove they are not fools and rise in unison, to say, enough is enough”. 

And to achieve that quietly and confidently, it can be done in another opportunity coming to us in 2023 to select new leaders. It is cheap to deceive people, but it is wicked for the people to continue allowing themselves to be deceived. We cannot be recycling errors, mistakes, evils and people who don’t love Nigeria sincerely to lead us. 

He admonished, we may not make noise, but we have the power, the voters card. Let us find our voter card and keep it safe. Whichever way they want to go, let us be ready with our voters card and prepare to go and perform our civic duty. Not just to perform, but to stand and ensure our vote count and whatever they have chosen to do, let us face and fight the battle at that point. That is the only point they used in turning the whole thing around.

“Let’s just get ourselves ready for that point, it’s a tiny turning point. Let us go and prepare ourselves for that turning point. It is enough, we must not be taking things for granted again”, he said. 

“If there will be a country called Nigeria, it is time for us as people to rise with one voice against every evil system to establish the will of God which is justice, equity and rule of law as the order of leadership in Nigeria”, he charged. 

Bemoaning the situation, Osagie went on to say, “This is a country of the brain, a country that God has particularly loaded with intellectual capacity that cannot be compared in the world”.

“The numbers and capacity and quality of academia that has been born in Nigeria, you can’t find that gathering of such colossus in many countries, not just Africa, but many countries of the world”.

Brains are being exported from here to other nations to change their situations, so why are we helpless when it comes to ourselves? It simply means leadership, he lamented. 

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Therefore, let us begin now to mobilise ourselves, neighbours and begin to tell ourselves the truth that we cannot make the same mistake again. 

“With all the mineral, natural, human resources and the brilliant minds we have, we have become a borrowing nation. Borrowing everyday to the tune of $60t, mortgaging the souls and the future of our own children and several generations, making them beggars, even before they’re born”. 

“And you called that leadership, that is wickedness and witchcraft. We will not allow that to continue”, he fumes.

He added, we are mobilising the church, starting with prayers and when the next step comes, we will know the next action.

Bishop Osagie called on Church leaders to first consider themselves as a citizen and individual, take the issue of this country personal as if they are the only one standing. They should take up the responsibility and act responsibly.

“Church leaders should start mobilising their members with prayers for righteousness to reign in the land and guiding them to ask God to chose for us. Because, we don’t know how to choose anymore. Even if we choose, we still need to ask God to do it for us. They should also carry their members along with any information due to them as citizens of Nigeria”, he advised. 

He further encouraged ministers of God and church leaders not to lock themselves in the dark in the name of religion. They should follow up on every information concerning the election, the candidates and political parties. They should not remove themselves from the system and say, they are not part of it. 

“Everybody must get involved and perform their civic responsibility, be prepared and packaged for the next battle. Follow your vote to where it counts and to where the reflection of your desire is established. Do not allow evil overtake your good intention, fight through to where righteousness is entrenched”, Osagie charged.

Pointing out the characteristics to look for in the next leader, Osagie said, “we have to look for a God fearing person, not a religious person. Someone who loves the nation called Nigeria with a passion, who can protect her citizens and live for Nigeria without selfish interest”.

Stating that, presently, we have all manners of people, gangsters, street boys, miscreants and cultists in government parading themselves as leaders. For close to eight years, they constituted themselves as evil venom in the lives and endeavours of Nigerians. The suicide now is, another set of gangsters, street urchins and vagabonds are getting ready to take over, to take us deeper into the trenches of failure. “We will not go with them, we are not of the same spirit and goals”, he stated.

Bearing his mind on Christians and church leaders contesting for political offices, Osagie said, “I am not going to be manipulated and made to believe what I know it’s a lie in the name of religion. This is not about religious issues. The people that transformed places like Singapore are not tongue talking or speaking and not good in Bible quotation. They are just good spirits that love their father’s land and paid the price to get whatever they wanted and raise others to continue under the same spirit. At a time, Singapore was worse than Nigeria. 

“I am not talking about religion, I don’t care what you believe, but I will not be manipulated by people who call themselves christians and speak in tongues, but are worse than witches and wizards. Their conscience is dead, the best way to know them is to discern them. I have seen deceptions in the church to be carried away by anyone’s deception. I am just asking God to enthron somebody He knows that has His fear in His heart”, Bishop Osagie said.